Sunday, August 03, 2008

Doing The Lambeth Talk

The Bishop of Thanet, The Right Reverend Harry Piehole, reflects on three weeks of soul-searching for the Anglican Church.

When the Archbishop of Canterbury invited me to the Lambeth Conference I was delighted. It has been several years since I have enjoyed the delights of 'The Smoke', and any excuse to go up to town is always an indubitable pleasure.

Imagine my disappointment, then, when I discovered the 'Lambeth' Conference was going to be held just up the road in Canterbury! I mean, I go shopping there most Saturdays, so it was hardly a treat to spend three weeks in the place, sitting around in a dingy cathedral praying my arse off all day. Surely they've got a bloody cheek calling it the 'Lambeth' Conference? I ask you!

(That's enough religion - Ed.)

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