Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bunfight At The OK Corral

Word has reached the old Eastcliff shell-likes that the Tories' Young(-ish) Turks are to go toe-to-toe with the Gruesome Twosome later this week over ChinaGatewayGate. Let us not forget that in Tombstone all those years ago, three gunfighters were carted away in pine boxes at the end of the day. Here's a bit of background from Wikipedia:

The Cowboys were not necessarily hated, but they were loosely organized criminals. They were good for business. However they enforced their interests in the town as a group, and going against one of them would likely be dangerous. Certainly they did not allow the law to hinder them.

Hmm. Sound familiar?

Click here to read more about Thanet, er, Tombstone


Anonymous said...

I wish them the very best and a successful outcome. We need men of integrity to stand up and be counted but why only 3?

Rick said...

ECR you and your sums. There is a frontier skirmish as well involving Thanet tories.

Mark Gilmartin Chief Executive of Kent Police Authority has drawn up a summary of concerns going back twenty years to be presented to the Chair of their Standards Board re TDC Cllr and KPA County Cllr William Hayton.

Remember that conduct code jurisdiction only arose in 2002 so there are jurisdiction issues.

But there is process occurring at KPA (even iof it leads to a cop out on jurisdiction)

And there is an immunity certificate issue being pursued with the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry re if Kent Police and Kent Police Authority witnesses were to be called is it right that they would enjoy serial Attorney General immunities.

This issue has also been copied to the Nelson family solicitor P J McGrory for attention this week.

Rick said...

Oh yes I have been asked to mention the Cervia and the Steam Museum Trust prospective action against the trustees of East Kent Maritime Trust.

The Charity Commission site specifies unlimited trustee liability.

So plenty for trustee Bill Hayton to raise a head of steam about it seems.

Simon you could at least have a charity flight towing a banner raising a few bob for the Cervia fund eh ?

Rick said...

Simon suggests towing a banner reading

"You've been Tescoed"

That lad.

Anonymous said...

Men of Integrity eh!

At least one of the three mousekateers needs to keep his head down I would have thought!

Anonymous said...

Keep his head down on whom?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what the used Tesco bag No2 auction over on e-bay is about? Looks like the contents may contain other well used and thumbed paper goodies?

Anonymous said...

Including perhaps all the purportedly wrongly filled in referendum papers when the people of Ramsgate voted for their own town council?

Anonymous said...

So what is the information that you/Michael Childs have seen - or others have seen and reported to you - that casts doubt on the original statement that Ezekiel, Latchford and co had their trips to China paid for by the Chinese Government?

A lot of blog time (yours, Michael's and Tony Flaig's) has been given over to the story, but without the substance being revealed. If the new material is fact, why not give everyone the detail?

Eastcliff Richard said...

I am sorely tempted to publish the complete set of documents 3:24. However, I gather they are now the subject of, among other things, a police investigation into possible corruption, so I wouldn't want to prejudice that, would I?

If I accidentally let slip something about a letter of thanks from a developer to a councillor for not overdoing the bar bill, would that help?

There's much more but it's best left to the boys in blue, doncha think?

Anonymous said...

If that is the current situation, ECR, then of course I understand. Can't wait...