Friday, August 08, 2008

Plods Still Investigating At Albion Place

Regular contributor Walter has emailed me the latest episode of CSI: Ramsgate, aka the ongoing investigation into an incident at Albion Place, here in the Ms' P:

Late last night I noted two Met Police vans exiting Thanet at speed. This morning at 0 my god its early... around 05:00 the rozzers where crawling all over the Albion Gardens area. They did not look like your local rozzers, with lots of SOCO's about.

The lid is being kept on something awful, but interesting? I had to go back the Albion gardens way at around 07:00 and the rozzers were rummaging around the bushes. They had massive plastic bags to put items in, so they are really doing more than just the normal search for some local scroat.

Thanet Extra reported yesterday that a man had been found injured in the early hours and was in a critical condition in hospital. Click here to read full story.

Update: The victim has now been named by the cops as 17 year old Sam Eastwell aka Sam Armstrong. Three hours earlier, another 17 year old boy was punched in the face and robbed of his watch in Newington Road. A girl and boy, both 17, and an 18 year old man were also robbed of their mobile phones and money in Victoria Parade by two males in hooded tops, and police think these three attacks could be linked. Anyone with information should contact Kent Police on 01843 231055 or Kent Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Click here for full story in Thanet Extra.
Click here for full story on BBC website.


Anonymous said...

In fact they were not Met Police vans.

These were undercover Kent Police vans.

Some years ago Supt George Dodgers was given the task of assembling a fleet of undercover vehicles. He was instructed to have two vans sign written so as not to be identifiable as Kent Police vehicles.

The conversation which ensued between Chief constable David Fullups and Dodgers is now so famous, in Kent Plod circles, that the services of a free caligrapher were called upon. hence the conversation is recorded in immaculate script in the Kent Police Museum

"So your idea of sign writing a van so as not to be recognised as a Kent Police under cover vehicle was to have it sign written as a Met vehicle Dodgers ?"

"Yes sah Johnny Criminal won't suspect a thing"

"Right Dodgers your new posting is as Thanet area commander"

"Great sir and we will use every opportunity to use our undercover vehicles to wrong foot the villainy sah"

"What happens Dodgers when you pursue criminals into the Met Police area ?"

"Dammitt sah that is why you Chief constable and me only exchange posted to Australia Superintendent"

Lucy Mail said...

Do you think it wise to broach police matters, Dicky? It only seems to start Basketball Case off on one of his tedious and unfunny missives!
Still, thankfully it wasn't one of his Vogon 'poems'.

The police tent, so I hear, was because they found the glass slipper of a beautiful woman, on the steps, that left a function at around midnight the previous night and hasn't been seen since.
They also found a pumpkin full of mice in one of the bushes in the park and are treating it as suspicious.
Lord knows what all the fuss is about, as Ramsgate is replete with suspicious bushes, it seems to me.

Lucy Mail said...

The word on the street (and a little more credible this time) is that it was a seventeen-year-old lad that got mugged and was left with head injuries on the steps.
Now that does beg the question of what the Hell a mugger is going to get out of a lad that age? A mobile phone, a condom and about £2-50 in cash?
Maybe it was an instance of 'merry mugging', akin to 'happy slapping'?
I would think that 'bonny bank robbery' would be more lucrative!

Anonymous said...

It seems the lad is nothing better than the muggers who did this to him as now he is one of the local chavs going about in groups picking on any single man / WOMAN!
Scum is the only word