Friday, January 11, 2008

Straw Pole

Blustering Beauforts! If anyone doubted there was enough wind in these parts to power the world's largest offshore fart farm, they should have tried walking along the East Cliff this morning! It had caused a bit of damage, too. I snapped this particular aerial stunt in one of those grubby back streets on my way into town.

If you recall, I had a moan about the widespread proliferation of these Jodrell Bank sized receivers back in April 2006, when I suggested that they were a health and safety requirement to accommodate the portliness of our local seagulls. Other theories have surfaced subsequently, such as the imminent hijacking of our digital TV services by our close neighbours the French. And in an unusual display of consideration for our splendid architecture, our beloved local council have even considered banning them.

If you ask me, when the occasional strong blast is causing them to blow off like this, I'd ban them not just on grounds of being unsightly, but of being potential death traps too. Blimey, if one of those bashed you on the bonce you'd be brown bread before you could babble 'Barrymore'!


Anonymous said...

For a moment there, I thought you had found the big flag-pole that disappeared from the seafront by the Nail and Rock a couple of weeks ago!

O Little Town of Birchington said...
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O Little Town of Birchington said...

Goodbye flagpole