Monday, January 14, 2008

End Of An Earful

In Memoriam
Mr Filthy Talk Talk
Popular, If Somewhat Outspoken, Postmaster

So, Farewell
Then Mr Filthy Talk

'Effing bloody
Talk Talk',
That was
Your catchphrase,
Which echoed
Round your
Teeny-tiny Post Office™

Only the six
Investment properties
And £70,000
Redundancy to
Fall back on now.

Maybe you should have gone for their free broadband deal after all.

E.C. Richard (29)


Anonymous said...

What a mealy mouthed pathetic world we live in. Why not just say 'We,the Post Office want to save money,so this sub post-office is closed?' I can just make out the Newspeak "After public consultation ...blah blah blah" We, the public have no choice! Spen the redundancy money wisely Mr Filthy Talk Talk.

Anonymous said...

I agree - not only that but the Post Office have had some very clever advice from somewhere in so much as they are rolling these closures out county by county - so no chance of a national campaign getting off the ground to oppose them. Talk about cynical.