Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Landings

Remember Mr Coldfeet, the chap who emailed me recently wanting advice on some of the Ile de Thanet's good points? Well, thanks to all you lovely readers who came up with an exhaustive list of your fave Fannit fings, he's rather rashly decided to cross the Wantsum! He writes:

Dear ECR,

We were glad to see that we were quoted in your Blog (Mr Coldfeet indeed!) - and have decided to invest in some thick socks to enable us to take the plunge and brave life on the East Cliff (starting in Feb/March). As for the Fave Fings which have enticed us, We are amazed by the amount of beautiful buildings that have survived despite a hundred years of neglect and houses at half the price of Brighton ............and a sandy beach! Before we can move we have to sort out a little woodworm and rot first but look forward to a welcoming drink, meanwhile we'll keep as up-to-speed as possible by regularly tuning in.

A Big Thanet Cheers

I'll put the Krug on ice, dear boy!

1 comment:

ZumiWeb said...

Well I'm sure if we have a whip-round we can find some woodworm and rot for your new chums, if that's all their new place is lacking...