Sunday, January 06, 2008

Trucking Hell

Apologies for the hiatus but I had to pop into A&E a couple of days ago. It was only a stubbed toe, but during the wait in reception I was exposed to an entire episode of Deal or No Deal, and consequently succumbed to that bloody awful Noelovirus. I haven't been able to stray more than a few yards from a lavatory for the last 48 hours.

So there's a fair amount of correspondence to catch up with. Let's start with this email from reader Samantha:

I photographed these tractor units (see above) parked on the East Cliff yesterday. There used to be one, but now there are regularly two parked there. I always thought it was illegal to park these things on residential roads. Of course nothing will ever be done about it as parking and vehicles are never policed around here apart from the occasional blitz on tax dodgers. What's the point of the area having conservation status when people can get away with this sort of thing?

Is there no room for these things to be parked down at the port where they belong? Or are the owners just too cheapskate to pay for that? By the way, the units purport to belong to a Belgian company called Eurolines, based in Zeebrugge.

I agree Samantha, these things are a blot on our architecturally stunning Ramsgate landscape. Maybe it's time for our caff-crushing, car-crushing councillor Dave Green to diversify into a spot of, um, cab-crushing!


An admirer!! said...

Get well soon!!!

Nethercourt said...

Oh calamity! The bug went through here (and I use the term loosely, as were we all) over the festivities(Not).

My sympathies m8

Little Weed said...

I believe the only designated parking in Thanet is in Cliftonville! Which is not much good to drivers who live in Ramsgate. The port is for ferry users only

Mitch said...

At least the photo shows the offending 'monster' parked on a wide road. Come and have a look round the back of the Granville and the associated small roads. God forbid they need to get an emergency vehicle "up 'em" try bumping or jumping those things out the way. Motorhomes are another form of nuisance especially when parked outside your baywindow so no light can get through...hey ho!

tony flaig bignews said...

Are these vehicles taxed if so where's the beef.

You eastcliff millionaires are so snobby, round my way its the custom to at least have an astra or tranny parked in the road.

Eastcliff Richard said...

They're Belgian, Tony, so I have absolutely no idea whether they're taxed or not.

Perhaps I am being a bit snobby but somebody has to keep the tone of the area up. I'll redirect them to your mouldy manor, shall I?

Anonymous said...

Now girls, be nice. Remember the charitable unanimity you demonstrated before Christmas. Joined together tightly and intimately so that you could almost squeeze into Dr Moores cock pit to benefit others. Keep it up (so to speak).