Friday, January 04, 2008

Wobbly Grannys

A regular viewer of ECR TV has emailed me to point out a bizarre daub in Winterstoke Gardens - you know, where the council scrubbed off the graffiti, installed CCTV, then took the CCTV away, and where (surprise surprise) it's now covered in graffiti again. 'Blujah 2000' writes:

I found, by accident, a startling piece of graffiti on the Eastcliff. A folly lies naked and unattended en-route to the doggy park - daubed riotously upon the layers of other layers was the tag: Wobbly Grannys.

Yes, wobbly granny's what? I wish they'd bloody finish these messages. It's not Banksy, or is it? I think we should keep an eye on that area, Richard. They start off innocent, draw you in with their beguiling imagery, and bang! You've got a crop circle on your hands, or worse, a five storey apartment block in the middle of the sea.

Well quite. Even more bizarre is the slogan: 'Jesus is alive - come to church and get a life' which somebody has gone to all the trouble of engraving in the cement next to 'Wobbly Grannys'. What next, 'Romanes eunt domus'?

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Anonymous said...

If you can't beat em join em, I say. How about - we want our swimming pool back - or down with the fence?