Wednesday, January 30, 2008

From Little Acorns Luxury Apartments Grow

Holy breeze blocks! These people want to convert my cliff top mansion into a 'development'!

A missive from a Manston based outfit calling itself ASL Land & Strategic Sales plopped through the letterbox here at the CTM this morning. Here's what is says:

Please forgive this direct approach; we are a land and development finding company who are constantly searching for properties which may have the potential to be part of a redevelopment scheme.

Hmmm. Interesting. Go on.

We have looked at ordnance survey maps of yours and surrounding properties and feel you may have the potential to be part of a development. We are in no way inferring you wish to move but we have been asked by our clients to enquire from yourself and other properties wether (sic) you would be interested in discussing the potential of a future development. The significant premiums we have achieved over and above the market value for similar property purchases for our clients are substantial and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further.

Well, I am a bit strapped for cash at the moment.

We would also like to point out we do not charge you for this service and often we could get your legal fees paid for included in the sale. We have access to many developers and national house builders who, subject to investigating the potential of a development may be willing to offer these higher premiums

Hallelujah! So I can get top dollar for my Victorian 6 bedder by selling it to some builders, who will presumably convert it into 17 x 2 bed boxes!

Of course, regular readers will know that I'm a curious soul, so I set about looking for more info on ASL Land & Strategic Sales on the interwhatsit. Not a sausage. Only when I dusted off my electron microscope and peered at the very small print on the bottom of the letter did I discover that 'ASL is a trading name of Acorn Property Finders Limited'. Which led me to their website, complete with vistas of Ramsgate Harbour, here.

Strangely, though, their internet presence, which is aimed at developers rather than sellers, tells a slightly different story. They say:

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements we proactively source property being openly and quietly marketed through estate agents, developers, private and corporate owners.

Yep, got the letter thanks.

We will provide comparable evidence of similar properties recently sold to ensure we get the best price negotiated for you. We will handle the whole process between seller and buyer and our ultimate aim is to negotiate the lowest possible price, which will save you money and help us to try to provide you with a self funding service.

Hang on, 'lowest possible price'? What about my 'significant premium' and 'above market value'? Kuh! Maybe I'll stay put!


Anonymous said...

If they are in any way related to a certain company I had dealings with in Lewisham I advise everyone to stay well clear!!

Anonymous said...

A good exposure of the perfidy of such agents; are they not breaking some law or code by claiming to act one way for you and another for a developer?

Brenda Stuka said...

Estate agents acting within a code? It'll never catch on.

Little Weed said...

Based at Manston! Possibly an attempt to get rid of a troublemaker

Anonymous said...

Strangely enough I've had the estate agents around my mansion on the highly sought after West-Side of Ramsgate.

A Ramsgate agent gave us a very low valuation, however, a little detective work and we discovered that the same agent has an offer of £90,000 higher on a house that is almost identical to ours, in a nearby street! The house did not have a board - so we almost didn't know it was for sale.

Perhaps the estate agent was confident that he could sell my house quickly at the price he suggested - because perhaps he had a buyer in mind.

Anonymous said...

There's a pretty avearge semi on the East Cliff up for £575,000. No board but you can view it on here

Selling up Richard? Here's hoping.

Mrs T.P. said...

Pretty average semi!

What kind of 'average' people do you mix with?

Very few people in Thanet live in houses this big - it is messive with 5 bedrooms. It also looks very luxurious in the photos.

The houses that amaze me are the new built terraces at £340k, 4 bedrooms, in Westcliff Road, "Cannon Mews".
With a postage stamp garden, 1 parking space, no garage, no visitor parking area, no on street parking.

You can visit the show home - here is the website:

Anonymous said...

I heard that guy was moving because he was fed up with the local drug dealer blocking his drive with his silver Audi TT.