Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Curtains Up On Beer Bash

I've been asked by those lovely people at the Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival Blog to reinstate their link higher up my sidebar, as they're now, er, beering up for this year's glugathon. Only too happy to oblige.

The 2008 GuzzleFest will once again be held at Margate's Mike and Bernie Winter Gardens, on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd of March, following a successful try out there last year. This will be the third festival, and I've attended all three, which makes me feel rather sad and washed up to be frank. Oh well, never mind, there really is no better way of celebrating Easter than getting crucified on Nadger's Old Wobbly!
(Photograph courtesy of Mr X)


Adem said...

I'll try and make it this year as last year I had to miss it after damaging knee ligaments at Thanet Wanderers Rugby Sevens and spending quite a while on crutches.

Surely I should only be legless after drinking beer and not before?

Anonymous said...

am I to assume that you prefer to be crutchless for your beer drinking occasions ?

bottoms up

Michael Child said...

The bloke may have been a firkin bar steward

Lucy Mail said...

Game on!
I've been to all three, myself (except the third one, which hasn't happened yet), but prefer to count down to it in beer festivals that I regularly attend. As there's just Dover to do (first weekend in February) beforehand, then it's only three festivals away (according to the laws of mathematics on this blog:).

duncan disorderly said...

Itsh flippin fantashtic I flipping luv it it getsh better every year