Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Walk On The North Side

As you know, I've been feeling a bit down in the dumps fiscally, so what better way to cheer myself up than a wander through Margate? It always makes me feel like a millionaire!

First off, the Rendezvous car park, site of the putative Anthea Turner Centre. Shame the council are booting the yachties and divers out of their yard, but that's progress!

Next up, the bottom of the high street, where they're widening the pavements so the cafe owners can get more tables and chairs out. Apparently this is going to take 14 weeks. Not surprising if they loll around like that, chatting all day! They'd better get a move on before the last few remaining businesses on the blocked off lower high street turn out the lights for good.

Ah, the visitor centre! Except it's being converted into a cafe according to the planning notice I clocked out the front. All the staff were sacked not so long ago for not having the appropriate skills (cooking, waiting, beer pouring).

Yep, I felt thoroughly cheered up. And who should I bump into at the end of it? None other than my old showbiz chum Michael Aspel and a couple of lovely friends. The perfect end to a perfect day!


tony flaig bignews said...

I though i detected an improvement in local moral must have been your informal visit . Hooray god bless you for taking the time out of an otherwise busy day

Anonymous said...

If you had given us a bit of warning we could have given you a civic reception.TDC

Eastcliff Richard said...

A pleasure to grace your manor with my presence, Tony.

As for the offer of a guided tour in the TDC Honda, thanks for the offer but I think I'll pass.

Must dash now or I'll miss Cash in the Attic.