Friday, January 25, 2008

Plane, Trees

Oops, wrong photo.

There that's better. Some lovely trees, and not a plane in sight! Which is my way of saying I've buried the hatchet with those Thanet Tree Huggers and put a link to them in my sidebar on the right. After all, they seem to have the Ile's environmental welfare at heart despite their indiscretion in accepting £3,000 from Oasis Oozalum Airlines and airport bosses Infartil. What's more, they're more than happy to have a pop at our true blue Tory councillor and kerosene-head Dr Biggles over Stalag Broadstairs, so they can't be all bad!


green fingers said...

Have you noticed all the airplane contrails blotting out the sky in that shot? We no longer have any sun because of all the people jetting off to the sun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Richard. We're not having a 'pop'at Simon Moores really! He has been very supportive of the work our youngsters do and has run quite a few items over the years. its just that he doesn't find the fence a rivetting enough story! Nor would I if it weren't an eye-sore in the heart of Broadstairs and put in without enough thought or care!

We will be out on The Shottendane Road tomorrow morning planting another 400 plants and if you are passing give us a toot on the horn as you sail past what looks a Group of ASBO kids doing their time!

Amy J

Eastcliff Richard said...

Amy, your Chief Tree Hugger Paul Wells expressed his 'disappointment' that the flying doctor had not seen fit to publish his story and photos as a separate strand, rather than mulching it under some litter about Zimbabwe.

I assumed that was about as 'poppy' as a tree hugger gets, but I, er, don't want to go out on a limb and therefore bow to your version of events.

Anonymous said...

what is his strange group of numbers? binary code? bus timetable? no, the times that planes have come overhead on their way to test land at kent intl this morning.
I don't plane spot for a living, but seeing as I was still asleep for the first one, I will be complaing to the council, airport and asbo hotline. I'll keep you informed.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes, well, you know my views on this. Our hypocritic council tells us 'Thanet is Beautiful', then subsidises the airport to ruin the place with these oozalum flights. Talk about getting things A over T!