Thursday, January 24, 2008

Paint The Town Red. And Blue. And Green.

Cripes! The Ile de Thanet is well and truly in the news today, with eight graffiti artists arrested in dawn raids this morning by 40 0f our local boys in blue! The daubists, aged between 14 and 19, were woken up at dawn (presumably several hours before their normal rising hour) as police executed warrants at homes in Margate, Broadstairs and Birchington.

Perhaps the rozzers had just got around to reading the headline on the front page of their own PR organ Policing Kent, which trumpeted 'Getting Tough On Graffiti' way back in December.

Meanwhile our newly transformed Prospect Inn got an almighty puff on the BBC at lunchtime. If you recall, it's been converted into a super-duper, 12 star, luxury Express by Holiday Inn, and a very nice job they seem to have done too. The manager was interviewed, saying he was expecting a lot of trade courtesy of its proximity to RAF London Kent Ramsgate Manston International Airport. Oh dear. I do hope the poor chap's not fallen for this load of arse on the Locate in Kent website, which talks about the airport attracting six million passengers a year!

Click here for BBC graffiti story
Click here for BBC Prospect Inn story


Millicent said...

If the parents are made responsible for the £1oo,ooo worth of damage caused the message might get through but how many more grafitti artists have they not caught?

Anonymous said...

I see they are going to consult with the 'artists' about building a facility for them to go and practice their 'art'. I think we should stop calling them 'graffiti artists' and use the more appropriate term 'graffiti vandals'. Their vandalism is not worthy of the term 'art'. Banskie maybe, but not the talentless toe rags we have around here.

Lucy Mail said...

Williscent, I don't think that Tracy Emmin has been banged-up yet. And from the state of her bedsheets (and her), I'd be surprised if she were knocked-up either.

old timer said...

Why don't they use chalk like we used to? There is plenty of it round here and it washes off given a good drop of rain.