Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bob Beats Margate In Ugly Dispute

The results of my latest 7 day poll are in, and it seems Sir Bob Geldof has beaten Margate in the ugly stakes by a slightly greasy hair's breadth. Here's the final tally:

Question: Which one's uglier - Margate or Sir Bob Geldof?

Sir Bob: 51% (24 votes)
Margate: 48% (23 votes)

The brouhaha over the Boomtown Rat's recent comment that Margate was 'ugly', in a council tax funded newspaper, now seems to have died down. Some commentators have even suggested inviting him to become an ambassador for the place. Who knows, despite the fact that we already fund his Ten Alps production company to the tune of £1.6m to produce the ludicrously wasteful Kent TV, perhaps he'll set up Margate Aid and demand that we all give him some more f*cking money!

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