Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Art Attack

Boiling the kettle in, um, quivering anticipation of a yummy lunch of Aldi Hot Noodles earlier, I was interrupted by the front door bell. Thinking it might be that Red Cross food parcel I ordered, or one of my old showbiz chums come to whisk me off to lunch at the Ivy, I dashed to the door, only to be greeted by the sight of a young gentleman holding up a card which said:




Given the current state of my other investments, I'm afraid the poor chap's request fell on blind eyes.

Update: According to a story running on Meridian local news the rozzers say this is some kind of scam to palm off photocopies of drawings, rather than original artwork. Apparently there have been reports of these chaps in 'rural parts of East kent'. Like, er, Ramsgate.


Anonymous said...

He gets about he was up northwood way yesterday .

Anonymous said...

Hello Deaf that's a lovely Polish name.

Al Murray

Anonymous said...

I take it that you have not heard that we don't want you here ?

Anonymous said...

I had a scam man on my door with this type of act two years ago. I carefully signed no and spoke with clear visible face for him to lip read and he turned and forlornly went down the stairs. I then said in a quiet voice, " I can't buy anything but would £5 help you?" the deaf man spun round and said " Yeah, mate, thanks" as I slammed door shut with an even louder "F**K Off!". I then rang kent's finest.(Too many repeats of THE GREAT ESCAPE?)

Anonymous said...

I dread to think where your plumbing would be without them, anon. 5:17pm. Or many of your public services.

Has everyone forgotten how the Poles fought alongside us in WW2? Many of them stayed afterwards, and we made them welcome. So why the xenophobia now?

Anonymous said...

So who suffers when this massive wave of immigration hits our over-crowded Island, 10.27. Go and ask the unskilled who are priced out of work as wages are kept depressed; go and ask some 300,000 pooresr families and young people who cannot get on the housing market how they feel about the fact that 300,000 'council houses' up and down the land have tenants who are foreign.