Friday, January 04, 2008

Ezekiel Or No Ezekiel?

I'm indebted to Councillor Green (the D-type as opposed to the E-type) for confirming a story which has been doing the rounds for some time now. Namely that our glorious council leader's son will soon be appearing on Deal or Noel Deal. Councillor Green has appended the following comment to my previous story, which looks as if it's culled from one of our local rags, although I can't personally find the reference:


The son of Thanet council leader Sandy Ezekiel will be appearing in top telly show Deal or No Deal. Mark, owner of the Dalby Cafe in Cliftonville, has already recorded the shows but is keeping quiet about how he got on, to avoid spoiling it for family and friends, until it is broadcast.

Mark, 36, has never been in a quiz show before but watched Noel Edmonds' show with his grandparents Norman and Anne. He said: 'Being on the show was one of the best times of my life. The filming brought everyone together and we will all stay in touch. Contestants forget about work and focus on their aspirations. It was nerve-racking at first being in front of the cameras but after a while you relax. Noel asked if I watched the show all the time and I made the mistake of saying: 'Why would I watch a has-been?' I'm sure they will edit that out.'

'I don't want to say how I got on until my final show goes out on January 17. My grandparents love the show and I don't want to spoil it. It would be like knowing the football score before a match. Contestants stayed in a hotel in Bristol for the 10 days of filming. We filmed three shows a day from early morning until evening. We would drink in the hotel together afterwards and the people who won would chip in money to help out people who didn't do so well.'

Good on yer, Mark, for calling That Bloody Awful Noel a has-been. Although if it had been me I might have been tempted to go for the 'never-was'!

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