Thursday, April 30, 2009

Creature Feature

Now that we've established Kent's Ramsgate Peninsula has the finest climate in Britain, what we need is a cheap attraction to replace all the burnt out attractions on our coast. And what better than to take a leaf out of the Kilties' books?

I therefore present to you - THE CHANNEL CREATURE! Yes, folks, there's something incredibly large and mysterious lurking in the water. And no, it's not that hairy, obese bloke who dives off Broadstairs Jetty come rain or shine. According to the 'Association of Marine Research' a 'gigantic' and 'extremely fast moving' creature has been spotted off our shores, and they've even got a rather murky video to, er, prove it.

It all sounds like a load of cods, but what with UFOs and panthers being spotted on and over the island on a daily basis (presumably by the sort of people who've just polished off their third slab of Stella for the day), we could have the makings of Thanet - Mystery Island here!

Is it a borrie? Is it a submarine? No, it's THE CHANNEL CREATURE!

Update: Thanks to a tip-off, I understand that this is some crappy ad campaign being driven by a bunch of oh-so-clever types at Unruly Media. Apparently they're offering 75 smackers to any blogger that carries it. So come on then, where's my 75 quid? Or you could just tell us what you're 'advertising'! Tossers.


Anonymous said...

ECR, as honorary marketer of Thanet as a holiday destination now carrying swine flu immunity, have a word with this man to extend his advice ? Do not holiday in Mexico. Holiday in Thanet but take your opwn water

ascu75 aka Don said...

Its Dave The dolphin why people travel all over the world to see dolphins when we have Dave beats me and we have seals at Boptany Bay

Anonymous said...

Mmm, does anyone know the name of the "hairy obese bloke". Sounds just my cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

Plain to see what titilates the loonies, then!
Comments ca va? I think not.

Anonymous said...

There are enough strange creatures in Thanet already!

I see that the Tories have a new problem to deal with now that Cllr Watt-Ruffell, the Mayor elect for Margate, has his skeletons being made public. Again!

But wait, look on Thanet Strife and Super Sandy ( or is that Godfather ) is riding to his aid.

Was Watt-Ruffell the drunk at Rokka? NO! Because Super Sandy says so...!

All Tory Councillors get in line to rent an alibi from Honest Sandy..!

Anonymous said...

Margate peninsula surely.

Eastcliff Richard said...

No, I think you'll find it's now well established as Kent's Ramsgate Peninsula. If you search on Google you'll find:

Kent's Ramsgate Peninsula - 5 results
Kent's Margate Peninsula - 0 results

Anonymous said...

Gordon Bennett! its huge.
Have a look at the LD lines website and all your questions will be answered, along with the reason Euroferries will not be happening