Thursday, April 30, 2009

Climate Chance

With yet another clear blue sky and brilliant sunshine over the old cliff top mansion, it's got me pondering the magnificent micro-climate we enjoy here in the tip of Kent.

After all, when Thanet Earth started growing tomatoes the size of footballs and cucumbers that would make a porn star green with envy, they said this was the only area in the UK with the right growing conditions for their exotic crops. Although the transport links and regeneration status also came into the equation. So why shouldn't our Mediterranean-style beaches attract carbon-anxious, pound-poor Brits this summer?

Yes, yes, I know we've been told the bucket and spade holiday is dead (©1970-2009 Thanet Council), but just take a look at the average summer sunshine figures from the Met Office for 1971-2000:

There we are, bathed in a bright band of orange, and I'm not talking about the rivers of piss running down Broadstairs high street on a Friday night! And our rainfall figures knock those West Country yokels into a cocked proverbial:

The more brown, the less rain. Or possibly the more barkers' nests. Any old how, proof positive that the Ile de Thanet is well on its way, climatewise at least, to becoming the new St Tropez. And with the Met Office saying today that this summer will be 'hot and dry', I for one predict cocktails by the pool all season!

More stats from the Met Office
Met Office forecasts 'hot and dry' summer this year


Anonymous said...

Why fly to Croatia when you can get all the sunshine and mafia you need right here in Thanet!

Anonymous said...

The problem is not the climate and beaches it is where to stay when you get here.

The old guesthouses have been changed into buy to let flatettes, so there is precious little in the way of affordable accommodation .

We could do with a Center Parcs style camping area preferably on the North Foreland golf club links going down to the sea at Joss Bay.
Only problem would be where would the local property developers bribe council officials if the golf club was not there," Look mate you just dropped a brown envelope, now about that planning consent"......

ascu75 aka Don said...

Nothing to do with the post but ECR your flag is becoming popular I saw it chalked on a wall at Westbrook as we went for coffee

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes - I think it's going to prove very popular in these parts, Don!

ascu75 aka Don said...

Its just as well we have loads of chalk available because whoever drew the flag wrote (very badly) a testimony as too what he was going to do to someone called Haley I will leave the details to your furtile imagination

ascu75 aka Don said...

Anon 1:56 I looked at the area of your proposed Center Parcs site good choice and the envelope dropsite could go to the pitch and put at Cliftonville or at Hartsdown or even the crazy golf sites in Cliftonville

Peter Checksfield said...

We need more caravan sites in Thanet.

Anonymous said...

There are enough awful caravan sites already, we need a groovy campsite like Blackberry Wood near Brighton.

These new type ones are really in demand and are not befriended by the coffin dodgers who use caravans and might get the average age down to under 80 in the area.

Holidaying in England would become viable again if you did not have to spend your entire budget on a crap B&B and the extra cash could go to buying some food in our struggling restaurants.