Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Up in the smoke (London) for more filming mullarkey this week, I spotted an interesting suggestion in yesterday's Metro freesheet concerning world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, who was on the critical list at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge on Monday.

The cartoon, by Brook, ponders whether the specialists have tried turning the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics off and then on again. Well, it seems to work for most technology!


ascu75 aka Don said...

sounds about the only way to get a jumpstart around here

Anonymous said...

Looks like the entire cabinet has now voted in the poll

Jean said...

Mmmmm - I love poking fun at folks beliefs and attitudes - they can change those. But I shy away from taking the piss out of stuff folk can't change like their ethnicity, disability, or sexuality.

Poor taste I reckon.

Anonymous said...

I just wish that the PC police would p*ss off and let me decide for myself what I find funny. If you think it's poor taste b*gg*r off and read the BBC website instead. It's mind-numbingly boring, but you wouldn't find anything to upset you there.

Anonymous said...

I am also fed up with the PC police, I am physically disabled & the thought of being plugged in & rebooted really amuses me.

'MR X'

Jean said...

Well anon 7:48, the cartoon didn't offend me - I wasn't born with motor neuron disease. But I wonder what your insecurities are that they encourage you to take the piss out of someone who was?

C'mon Mr X, I'm not suggesting wrapping you in cotton wool dear, I'm saying that challenging peoples' beliefs is a very valid and necessary interaction in order for our collective understanding to move on. Taking the piss out of a bloke half dead in a wheel chair hardly gets us any closer to a better society does it now?

There is a clear and easy line to draw - take the piss out of things people have a choice over but leave the rest alone.

And then the PC police become redundant.

Adem said...

If you haven't seen it then have a look here.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that the greatest mind of our generation would probably see the very funny side of the cartoon.

That is of course if the thought police 'allow' him to have a laugh at his own expence!

Planespotter said...

I'm also pretty damn sure that he would be more offended by your statement..

Taking the piss out of a bloke half dead in a wheel chair hardly gets us any closer to a better society does it now? Hypocrite?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Hawking would have a laugh at the cartoon and presumably he has laughter programmed into his box of tricks for that very purpose.

Ha ha. Ha. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

9.43...knowing Stephen he would most certainly see the the funny side, as would almost every disabled person.
This is a lighthearted blog, so get over it & stop speaking for people who have not asked you to!!!!

'MR X'

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,

I read your comments carefully. I'm not insecure and I am not taking the piss out of anybody who has motor neurone disease. You have invented those claims to bolster your argument.

I'm entitled to my opinion and so are you. However, you aren't entitled to tell me what I should think, and you aren't entitled to abuse at me just because I don't agree with you. It is arrogant of you to assume that your views are more valid than mine.

7:48 PM