Friday, April 24, 2009

Don't Drink The Water

I see both former Irritating Bloke Billo Wright's and bibliobloke Michael Child are running the story the Isle of Thanet Gazunder passed up on today - the investigation of medical conditions possibly related to serious pollution incidents here on our septic isle.

Thanks to Irritating Bloke's tireless and sometimes tiresome efforts, we discovered last year that Cyclohexanone had been dripping into our aquifer over a period of years at the old Sericol site, and that there'd been serious leaks of noxious crud at Thor chemicals more recently. Not that anyone in authority saw fit to inform us, of course. Now IB has brought this to the attention of the Kent Health Protection Unit at Maidstone, who have assured him that they 'will be investigating this matter fully'. The question being whether there is a statistically higher chancing of carking it from diseases associated with the nasties in our water course than in areas whose water remains unsullied by a cocktail of organophosphates and mercury, with the occasional barker's nest thrown in for luck.

Quite why the Gazunderers, who were given the exclusive on this water story, haven't, er, splashed it across the front page is frankly beyond me. Oh well, maybe they're under orders not to panic the populace! In the meantime, here's the late, great lovely Tom Lehrer [He's not dead yet - Ed.] singing about pollution back in the days when Sericol first started leaking hundreds of tonnes of Cyclohexawhatsit into the Thanet soil:


Anonymous said...

I have recently bought a place in Ramsgate but still live most of the time in London. I cannot drink the water in Ramsgate. If I drink even a small amount I am ill with diarohea and nausea. I now even make tea with bottled water. There is definitely something wrong with the water supply.

Anonymous said...

The Gazette don't report anything unless TDC tells them they can report it.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Annon, 4:50 pm the alcohol is better I can assure you. A fine example of what it can do for you was on display at last nights TDC meeting , definately as a case of a Councillor having one or two for the road. From what I can gather nobody was offered outside so the standards are improving.

Anonymous said...

ECR It was IoT Gazette who phoned me to find out what is going on.

So the situation with them is they were on a fishing expedition re my action in High Court against Kent Police and re the aquifer contamination ?

A few years ago, in my history of "Tiresome efforts", the Gazette also solicited copies of letters I had written to HM Coroner in the Pc Bluestone family murder/suicide case. Again nothing was published.

Why bother gathering the information if they have no intention of publishing ?

The former editor seemed to be rather close to the elite (IRA supportive) group League of Saint George in my opinion.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Never touch the stuff myself - knew it was bad for you.

Anonymous said...

Indeed Richard!!!

It not all tosh mate, you should read up on the chemical data charts for our water supply, you would make a lot of money scrubbing the pollutants out...whoops Southern Water do at our expense.

Tosh my arse, the Gazunder will only print what TDC, the EA and their supporters club tell them to.

Anonymous said...

Unreported matters like was there an area inspection into Thanet Police by Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary whilst Area Commander George Rogers was sent off to Australia on exchange posting ?

Can such an inspection only occur on Home Secretary authority ?

Why did the 6th Thanet Gun Range lose its licence ?

The Kent Adventure Training Corps ... report re "Major" Clive Richards being awarded a Service to Youth medal. Gazette later unable to say who the awarding body is !! No report when the youth group lost its KCC Youth Group Affiliation status. No report when it seems to have lost sponsorship from Invicta Military Preservation Society. No report re witness statement sent to Lord Greville Janner about holocaust denial lectures at the 1999 War and Peace Show (which the Show moved to stamp out in following years).

Zieg Heil Tosh !!

Anonymous said...

at least they are drinking Thanet water as well 11 years ago at Ramsgate ? Did he use a Thanet Range for live fire training this lad ? And was he called with a view to training some South Africa bound individuals about 11 years ago ? I think the fact is Thanet has been poorly served by the Gazette. On two occasions re the above the Gazette published comment to steer public opinion but did not report facts.

Now it has failed to even be first to report a straightforward Health Protection fact.

Anonymous said...

Thor Chemicals Dr Wouter Basson's apartheid regime nuclear chemical warfare project And here page 242

for a small world cos there's our Jimbo again Of course the very idea that Gazette would use its position to fish for information it has no intention of publishing is "Tosh" eh ? Throbber.

I hope Dr Chandrakumar's Health Protection Agency inquiry extends to Thor's contributions to the Thanet aquifer.

Anonymous said...

The water is evil - drink the beer.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Where does the water to make the beer come from?