Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Crane Takes The Strain

I see there's a new addition to the port here in the Millionaires' Playground! Dominating the Ramsgate skyline is the Sea Jack, on hire to Thanet Offshore Wind who are building one of the fart farms off the coast of Chavvy Island.

The vessel will install the wind turbine foundations and then continue with the erection of the turbines themselves in the summer and autumn. According to my copy of Windtech International: 'Sea Jack was specifically built to service the growing offshore wind market. At over 90 metres long, 33 metres beam and with a powerful Manitowoc M1200 Ringer crane, the barge is an ideal platform for large scale offshore wind projects such as Thanet.' So now you know.

Anyone who thinks this mighty piece of Meccano blights the general loveliness of the Cannes of Kent can console themselves with the thought that it's only temporary, and that it's not our vistas of the briny that will be permanently blighted by the wind farm so ya boo sucks. Besides, I personally believe it could become something of a tourist attraction. Hopefully, if we get enough of these hoists parking in the port, we could have the makings of the world's first Crane-ium!

Fart farm website
Warning for Westcliffians: This crane could be a noisy bastard


Anonymous said...

Where's the EF Boat going to dock!

ascu75 aka Don said...

I wondered that as well

ascu75 aka Don said...

more to the point where isn EF ANYONE SEEN EM

Paul said...

Don and ECR, EF have collapsed, yet again, even with Fred. Olsen on board they still couldnt make things work...oh how silly and gullable the resdients of thanet are to believe this could ever stand a chance, it was 'Dead in the water' ('scuse the pun) before it even began...Sorry to dissapiont guys!!
On another note, ECR, as i reperted to you a few mpnths ago over faceache, TEF Larkspur has run aground yet again!!! Myself and the rest of the mooring gang went to 'tie her up' at 05.20 this morning, she finally got docked at 07.00, bang on her supposed departure time 'STD' (do as you will with that ECR). So even with the dredging...our lovely delapedated port is still no up to 'scratch'!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought that the windfarm was supposed to be creating hundreds of jobs in Thanet, with the centre of building activity being. Ramsgate.

This follows the Councils usual mantra of job, jobs, jobs, as being the green light to allow anything to happen, regardless of impact, or actual thought. EF, CGP etc.

So if the wind farm has started being built, where is all the activity in Ramsgate apart from a parked up crane??