Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Pfizers Set To Stun?

According to regular reader Don, there's a rumour going round that the biggest local employer, US healthcare giant Pfizer, may be mothballing its European R&D HQ over the border in Sandwich. 'Is there any truth in it? I thought I would ask you cos you know everythink,' says Don, rather too schmoozily for my liking.

Well I'm not sure there's even a grain of truth in that, Don, but I can see why sphincters may be twitching over in Viagraville, and I'm not just talking about the bunny rabbits as they get the latest wonder drug poked up their jacksies. You see, Pfizer are currently in the middle of taking over another US drugs company, Wyeth. As part of their grand merger plans, yesterday they announced they would hive off research into two divisions, once the lawyers and beancounters have dotted the I's and crossed the T's, and the bankers have coughed up the wedge. Which could indeed mean a shake-up for Sandwich.

Whether the rumour's true or just ground-up monkey testicles, it'll probably be years before we find out. So relax Don. Your top research job is safe, for now!

Wyeth + Pfizer = Wyzer?


West Cliff GB said...

Wyeth Pfitrow = Mrs Coldplay

Anonymous said...

It's been coming for a long time. All of the useless bigwigs got themselves transferred to the US some time ago.

ascu75 aka Don said...

I wondered if anyone read this stuff and ECR you are living proof. They are indeed buying another company lets hope it dont affect Sandwich in a big way

Anonymous said...

Newsfeed from Don?
Blimey, it must be a dry old week on the news front!

BTW, thanks for adding punctuation to his missive, which makes it at least readable, if still a load of silly bollocks!