Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Manston Takes Off With New Service

By Isle of Thanet Gazunder Aviation Correspondent Joy Stick

The island's airport is about to 'reach for the sky' with the launch of a new, low cost service to an exotic, Mediterranean destination!

The route is the brainchild of local entrepreneurs Manfred and Stan Bonkers (pictured) who have dreamed of running their own airline since they were boys.

'We grew up in Thanet and always loved watching the planes at Manston,' Manfred told the Gazunder. 'We've run our own engineering company for 20 years and we're now ready to go to the next stage,' added twin brother Stan.

The plan is for a 'cheap and cheerful' service modelled on successful low cost airlines such as Ryanair and easyJet. A basic return ticket to Benidorm will be just £4.99, with flights leaving Kent International Airport once a week on Sunday mornings.

'It should take about three days to get to southern Spain, giving passengers a whole day to look around and lap up the sun before the three day return journey,' said Stan. 'The service won't actually take off, though, unless passengers pay for optional extras such as wings, a fuselage and a tail.'

ManstanAir will be charging £2.7m per wing, with an inside toilet a snip at £85,000.

Kent International boss Matt Clarke said he was 'delighted' by the news. 'This will bring something like 10,000 jobs to Thanet with all the added prosperity that entails,' said Mr Clarke. 'Once again it proves that the airport has a key role to play in the island's future.'

Mr Clarke is 29.


Planespotter said...

hilarious stuff ECR

Eastcliff Richard said...

Hope you enjoyed the piccy of the single-speed supercharger Merlin 45, Mr Planespotter!

ascu75 aka Don said...

Anew no frills service just what we want

Jersey in Thanet said...

Luvverly Jubberly eh Jersey-Don.

Surprised it hasn't made the front pages of your organ yet

(I'll check back in 20 mins to see if it's ousted Jersey as your new favoured destination)

Do people on your side of the Isle actually qualify for passports anyway? ASBO's and Ankle Tags maybe....

Off Your Rokka said...


Who has this as their mission-statement on their local blog?
What is the name of the blog?

"I started this blog to show what a great place Thanet is and to promote it as a place to live in or holiday.And also some of the beauty of the area and why I love living here"

1st prize is a weekend in Margate.
2nd prize is a fortnightzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

If you cannot afford the wings to get you to Benidorm apparently you can hire ores at a fraction of the price and row it to Bologne.

Anonymous said...

I'm a complete tw*t and I've always supported the airport. I'll buy a ticket no matter what they cost and irrespective of how likely I am to be left stranded in some far flung sh*th*le.

Manston is essential to the local economy and I'll fight anyone who says differently....blah..blah...blah

Stop the loonies said...

I think it's great that you guys are allowed to get together like this in a special area, where you are no harm to the local population.
It's only fair that we should cater for the "special ones" in the community. Well done all of you, i am fully supportive of special projects that encourage integration.
Just remember not to get too adventurous by leaving "blog world".

Eastcliff Richard said...