Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bleak House For Sale Again

Blimey! This Bleak House saga has more chapters than one of Charlie Dicks' originals! Thanks to a commentator on the previous post, we now find that, as well as becoming a B&B, it's up for sale!

Tiny Terry, the island's diminutive developer and estate agent to the stars, is marketing it at a cool 2m smackers. But for that you get five receps, six beds, five khazis, a gymnasium and wet room, and, of course, a museum. Plus the chance to park your aris where the Master himself sat, juggling his bollocks as he knocked out yet another blockbuster. I must say, for a wealthy media magnate and scribbler like myself, it's very tempting.

Not so tempting is the fact that the price seems to have doubled since the Hiltons bought it off that actress woman in 2005. There again, they have apparently restored it to its former glory, using, if the photos are anything to go by, copious quantities of chintz and gilt. I gather their Margate shop is still on the market after a year, so who knows, maybe blings ain't what they used to be! Oh come on, it's late and I'm very, very tired!

Take a tour around Bling House


Anonymous said...

Maybe Sandy could buy it with his slush fund.
It would make a perfect James Bond baddy style house . Maneating terrpins in the garden pond etc.

You can picture Sandy stroking a large pussy , in a Nerhu jacket saying ,"This organisation does not accept faliure, you fucking tosser" and pressing a button as a hapless underling vanishes into a large vat of jellied eels.

Anonymous said...

They don't show the cage that Nina Hilton is kept in. No need for guard dogs with her around.

Anonymous said...

given their history with mislabelling what are the chances of me buying it and then discovering I have got a caravan in Pegwell Bay instead?

ascu75 aka Don said...

Nice price and thats in the middle of a recession Smeggers will say they are selling cos of plane noise of course

Anonymous said...

Has anyone told the local fire brigade that the place is "up for sale" ?