Monday, April 20, 2009

No More Sweet Dreams At Dreamlanders' Hotel

Lumme! Reader Linda informs me that the Forbury Hotel in Reading has gone into administration!

'Wassat gorra do with Thanet?' I hear you ask. Well, be patient and I'll reveal all. The Forbury was opened with many a trump in 2006. Described as 'Reading's poshest hotel' (not hard) and the home of Daniel Galmiche's (Who he? - Ed.) fine dining restaurant Eden, the Forbury was created by parent company Waterbridge, none other than the owners of Margate's very own car-park-cum-charcoal-factory Dreamland!

The administrators have now been called in, and the local goss is that, you've guessed it, the development will now be transformed into 'boutique' apartments!

Read it in the Reading Evening Post

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