Friday, June 13, 2008

Media Goes Thanet Earth Crazy!

Not content with sending John Craven down here to the tip of Kent the other week, the BBC spent it's entire Breakfast programme over at the Monkton tomato factory this morning. And my old chum Chris Evans dedicated a spot to it on his afternoon show on Radio 2 yesterday.

That's in addition to puffs this week in the Guardian, the Daily Mail, the Torygraph and the Observer (which at least had the cajones to utter the words 'utterly tasteless, hydroponically grown tomatoes, identical uber-cucumbers and iceberg lettuce'). Wow! Some PR guy is really earning his fizz, if you catch my drift! Not much mention in any of them, though, that the produce will never actually touch the earth of Thanet as it will all be grown in a watery consommé of 'nutrients' a metre off the ground. Or that they'll be tapping our salt marshes to top up their H20 supply. But hey-ho. Mr Public Relations and Mr Entire Truth hardly ever share a table at the Ivy in my experience!

Click here for Thanet Earth story in the Guardian
Click here for Thanet Earth story in the Daily Mail
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Anonymous said...

Ok, you may not like it, but 500 jobs, if thanet people do not want to work,ok, some blokes from china in blue tracksuits will

Anonymous said...

Actually Guardian did mention the plants would be suspended, not in the soil.

If Thanet's finest take these jobs I'll be very surprised.I used to work in job placement and know that there are some whose attitudes will always be,'Me, work, mate? Don't be stupid. I can scrape along nicely on the dole and hang about Ramsgate/Margate all day enjoying the fresh air and petrol fumes with my Red Bull.' Or as one young woman known to me did, have a bundle of kids then you can't be made to go to work.

Yes, I know there are some genuine jobseekers out there (my own kids were among them at one time) but these jobs will go to cheap labour from elsewhere. After all, the employer won't be in a position to say,' Sorry, jobs for local anyway' if locals won't take them.

Anonymous said...

They will not get local people working there unless there is something for nothing most prefer to scrounge off the dole. People in Thanet are even worse than Liverpudlians for bleating and behaving as if the world owes them a living.

Peter Checksfield said...

I wonder if the vegetables grown there will be sold more cheaply in Thanet than anywhere else?

Fatman said...

I take issue at the suggestion that hydroponically grown produce will be inferior. My own experience is that the quality is very high. Very high indeed. Man.

Peter Checksfield said...

They obviously make people fat though. ; )

Anonymous said...

The Apprentice

Alan Tomato: How long have you been unemployed ?

Thanet wanker: Twenty years guv nuffink rahnd ere for us. F-cking cahncil.

Alan Tomato: How do you feel about national minimum wage ?

Thanet wanker: I feel that it is a very hagreeable rate for our former allies in wartime the Polish people. Let them pick yer f-cking tomatos. By the way you got any freebies ?

Alan Tomato: The Jobcentre have not put you forward as a picker. You are up for site handyman. Are you handy ?

Thanet wanker: In the sense I live pretty close mate. But don't mix me wiv plumbing bruvver. Nor electrics. Nor chippy wood nor paint. I hear the Poles are mustard at that sort of fing though.

Alan Tomato: Well what sort of silly ass at the jobcentre sent you along for a job ?

Thanet wanker: Put it dis way Allan. dey have to have O levels and dat to work at the dole. But if they were spirit levels their bubble wouldn't work follow me. F-cking dull they are.

Allan Tomato: So you do know how a spirit level works then ?

Thanet wanker: Yeah I watched a Polish geezer using one. Mustard dem lads.

Allan Tomato: I cannot say You're fired as no one would employ you.

Thanet wanker: Can you sign there for me to claim me interview expenses from the dole ow son ? By the way they say you interested in efficiency ?

Allan Tomato: I certainly am.

Thanet wanker: Well here are six interview expenses forms for some of me similarly unemployable Polish admiring mates if you just sign em you can save yerself all that time interviewing them.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha!
I must say the thought of some hundreds of refridgerated lorries thundering up the 299 does not fill me with anticipation.

Anonymous said...

Eastcliff Richard said...

Do pay attention anon 3:17pm! That link's already in the story.

Anonymous said...

I see its going to so bright inside that sunglasses will be needed. Know anyone that has his own?