Sunday, June 22, 2008

Flight Of The Phoenix

Yikes! I'm getting unconfirmed reports that well-known Canada and Nigeria-crashers MK Airlines, who have spent most of the last year blighting our lovely seaside town with their endless, oozalum training flights and 1am cargo cruises into RAF London Kent Ramsgate Manston International Airport, have, like a kind of Frankenstein's monster with aluminium wings, been re-animated!

It was only just over a week ago that they announced they'd gone tits up, but now a British investor has apparently pumped several million (volts?) through them and they've jerked back into life. Of course, we heard that was happening with exclusive, business class airline Silverjet a while back, and they still ended up cashing in their chips. Still, who knows, there could be life in the old corpse yet. As a quick stroll around Westgate often proves!

'Are you seriously telling me that your only experience
is flying around Thanet in a circle every eight minutes?'

'Ja Kapitan, but ze principle is ze same!'


tony flaig bignews said...

hooray thank god for market forces

The people of ramsgate will once more be able to marvel at beauty of the boeing 747 the worlds original highly efficient airlines .

No doubt those who bought property on the fligt path will be relieved

Lucy Mail said...

Gracious me, Tony, ought you really be tipsy at this time of day?
Surely you mean airliner?

Planes are good for me too. Every eight minutes I get a moment to myself.

Eastcliff Richard said...

The MK 747s are some of the most inefficient planes flying, with size 12 carbon bootprints that would make a Dodge Charger blush. Which is one of the reasons 'market forces' put MK into receivership in the first place, Tony.

As for the mystery British investor who has come to their rescue, can anyone confirm that it was local squillionaire Ken Wills, who needs Manston to be a thriving cargo facility in order convince his oriental partners to build their Chinese Takeaway tut emporium on top of our water supply? Who knows, maybe even KCC/TDC/EKO threw in a few taxpayers' bobs?

adrian hall (via facebook) said...

What great news
MK are back flying wow
now thats great news for thanet

jcc (via email) said...

The mighty MK are back. In fact you may even see one today.

Put the plans for Disneyland on hold for a bit.

tony flaig bignews said...

predictive text and fat fingers Lucy no drink allowed 8hours before a shift

press release from MK said...

MK Airlines Takes-Off Following New Funding Commitment

23rd June, 2008 - UK-based air cargo carrier MK Airlines has recommenced flight operations following the Joint Administrators securing an initial funding arrangement with Transatlantic Aviation Limited (TAA), part of The Belfairs Management Group of Companies.

The agreement, struck on Friday afternoon, allowed MK Airlines to immediately restart trading and flying operations that evening. MK Airlines has since been operating a near-full capacity flight programme.

The development came only 10 days after the MK Airlines’ Board of Directors appointed James Bradney, Andrew Duncan and Michael Oldham of BKL Business Recovery LLP, as Joint Administrators. MK Airlines temporarily suspended services but maintained its Air Operators Certificate (AOC) with a view to a rescue of the company.

MK Airlines had earlier been in discussion with several interested parties about potential investments in the business to refinance and to reposition the airline with more efficient aircraft. These talks were led by the airline’s founder and CEO, Mike Kruger, and following their appointment, the Joint Administrators.

A Management Team from Transatlantic Aviation Limited is now working alongside the Joint Administrators and MK Airlines management to assist normal trading of the business.

Says Mike Kruger: “We are delighted to be airborne once again. Within the next weeks and months we hope to return to a level of trading that existed prior to the appointment of our administrators. Whilst we still have some way to go to complete a formal long-term agreement for MK Airlines, this initial funding arrangement with TAA delivers what we hope will lead to a viable and prosperous long-term business strategy.”

Mike Oldham, the Lead Administrator, from BKL, adds: “Upon our appointment we talked about our hope that the company could resume flying operations in the short-term. This initial investment from TAA delivered that objective and now presents us with an opportunity to look more confidently towards the future. Over the next few weeks we will be working to propose a formal way forward with MK’s creditors. If we can reach that agreement then we hope to also deliver additional funding that will secure MK’s long-term viability as a highly regarded all-cargo airline.”

The Belfairs Management Group is a diverse international organisation with an asset-base in the medical, property and aviation industries.

Transatlantic Aviation is the jewel in the crown of the group's global activities. It has a fleet of Boeing 767s and Boeing 747s, serving some of the leading airlines in the world.

- Ends -

Anonymous said...


There would be no links between a 747, Kenya, fruit growing and movement of water would there?

Just thought i would ask?

Tony said...

Good news. Hopefully the employees will now have a more secure future.