Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dad Loss

It's Father's Day today in case you'd forgotten. I dad. I mean did. So stuck for a present, and lunch looming with Eastcliff Senior, I've been desperate to find a suitable gift. Fortunately, as I was cleaning out Bertie's litter tray just now, I came across this Friday's edition of the Gazunder. 'WIN A FATHER'S DAY BREAK AT AN INNKEEPER'S HOTEL' screamed the banner across the front page. Hurrah! 'See page 25'.

Dad's the word at Innkeeper's Lodge. To thank dads for their patience, pocket money and love over the years, sons and daughters will be looking for that perfect gift to treat them.

You're not wrong there. Please sort me out and quick!

Men will no doubt disagree, however, that they are notoriously difficult to buy for. So, if you are bored with buying ties and cufflinks and are stuck for present ideas, why not let us help you?

Yes, yes! Please help me!

If you want your dad to put his feet up and forget the pressures and strains of the week, then this is the competition for you.

It's definitely for me!! Only trouble is, it's not exactly an instant win. There's an answer form for you to send off in the post, with winners announced a week tomorrow. So what to tell the old Pa? Something along the lines of 'I've entered a free competition for a weekend break for you, if I win you can go there next Father's Day' I suppose. On second thoughts maybe it'll be simpler just to gift wrap the form and let him fill it in himself.


Anonymous said...

Funnily enough my mate's dad got dusted off and brought out for the day. Reminisced about boxing in the area.

"Well", his old dad said "I remember the Margit boxing club in the old days. A right keen youngster came along name a Sandy. Rugged looking lad going a bit thin on top.

Keen ? So I taught him a five punch combination called the Scotland Yard combination.

Left jab left right left right

Jab one two one two ? See

Whitehall 1212 Scotland Yard got me ? Why they call it the Scotland yard Combo.

Well one of da lads tiped me da wink dat Sandy could get outa his pram and his danders woz a right larf.

So next time he comes dahn da club I say I teach you a new combo today. Left jab, left hook off da jab, right uppercut, a right throwaway hook off da uppercut (rare as rocking horse guano dese days dat punch) den a lifting left hook to the floating ribs and a final left hook to the jaw.

So yer Scotland yard combo was three lefts and two rights mixed up.

The new combo is two lefts two rights two lefts.

This is called the four by two combo I told him. The lads was larfin.

Well his little face went red and his eyes a bulged. Good job I was his Rabbi or I think he woulda tried to chin me dere and den."

Anonymous said...

who's the daddy ?