Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cowardy Cowardy Custody

I've received another email from reader Barry, who you will remember recently dished the dirt here on the island's premier blog on some of the, er, unusual practices prevalent among the local plods. Barry says that, whilst he stands by everything he said, his email has subsequently become something of an embarrassment to him, particularly now that he finds himself in a position to help the police (with their enquiries). As a result he has asked me to remove yesterday's insights from my jottings. Happy to oblige Barry!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Barry here.

Yes, it's true, I bottled it.


I will turn myself in to the rozzers henceforth!


Anonymous said...

Well I always thought it awful that you criticise police in general and specials in particular Barry.

Thanet special constables have a hall of fame featuring alumni like

former special constables "James and Jones"

Though should be said the character of "Jones" in the work of faction is composite. It is largely based on a former Para who became a special and apparently some sort of member of OIRA all at the same time.

The a priori logic E o'R

Apparently the OIRA never thought to visit Thanet and spot the guys in their Special constables uniforms


Kent Police did not visit Ireland and spot their two specials being indoctrinated to OIRA ?

Which could it be mmmmmm ?

Anonymous said...

And who else served Thanet as a Special constable ?

it was George "Inamos" Maison

Anonymous said...

And who is being asked if he supported the issue of a firearms certificate to Maison after the latter's arrest for paramilitary activity (with his former special constable mates "James" and "Jones")

I give you Special constable Roger Gale MP.

Anonymous said...

But would that not mean that Special constable Tory Maison was a friend/associate of Cyril Tory Hoser in his counterfeiting heyday ?

Look the alleged inquiry at Sericol in 1998 into an "Engineer" who had worked for them ten years on the basis of forged qualifications is a pure coincidence.

As is George Maison's concurrent 1998 severance from employ as a Sericol engineer.

Coincidences do happen.

Like reports, of both characters being taken down a peg, appearing in the same IoT Gazette.

IoT Gazette 19.11.99


Cyril Hoser, the former tory Thanet councillor once jailed for a multi million pound forged banknote plot is going back behind bars.


He admitted a charge of harbouring or dealing in excise goods


The Thanet and District Branch of the REME Association was forced to close by bosses at Arborfield.

Founder and Chairman George Maison says "..... One thing is for sure the branch is certainly a victim of the boffins who are now taking a hand in the Association"

Had the branch in 1988 processed a claim for REME WElfare Benefits in the name of a purported former REME soldier called Lloyd BARTON ?

Was the Corps Secretariat for a second time unable to confirm BARTON's former service with REME ?

Did Branch Chair MAISON say that he did not know BARTON but "Better pay one con man than let a genuine case fall through the net" ?

Which would be odd because MAISON and BARTON were both adult leaders of Kent Adventure Training Corps.

On the basis that both might be military fantasists a query was raised with Kent Police about BARTON's employ as a security guard at Deal Royal Marines barracks.

I wonder if there were REME Records of Service knocking about in the Courtesy of Cyril genre ?

Did Kent Police in the period before the 22.9.89 barracks bombing pursue the case of suspected obtaining employ by deception and suspected attempted defrauding of REME welfare funds ?

It appears not as on April 10th 1989 BARTON apparently took work at Henrys TV shop with a glowing reference from Reliance Security. At about the time Kent Chief constable wrote announcing his inquiry re Deal Barracks complete.

Oddly enough shortly before Kent Chief constable Phillips sudden departrure from the Rosemary Nelson case in Ulster REME Corps Secretariat had run a check and reported that from Association records the last Lloyd BARTON to serve in REME left the Army in 1948. mmmm

REME did not reveal the results of a search for a soldier who may have served and not joined the Corps Assn. But they called in MOD Police 1998 case officer Det sgt Eileen Macadam.

If the allaged inquiry at sericool into forged qualifications and documents had been properly pursued by Thanet Police then it would have had to liaise with the newly raised MOD Police inquiry eh ?

That should give em something to moan about E o'R

Anonymous said...

But surely there were other counterfeiting and forging inquiries in 1999 ?

And a reasonable person would think that all these Thanet matters (the Deal Barracks security inquiry before the bombing, the alleged Sericol inquiry of 1998, the arrests of former specials for paramilitary activity 1987, known convicted associate Thanet forgers and alleged associate sabotage activity consistent with the OIRA Garland plan) should have cross
referred to the REME/MOD inquiry re service records and the Police/Russian/CIA into an OIRA related multi million dollar counterfeiting scam. If only for proper elimination purposes.

In the Thanet tory military fantasy, document doodling imaginary garden never fail to seek real toads.

Perhaps whilst they should have been recording crime complaints and investigating, Thanet Police were busy playing cops and robbers street shoot outs at the 6th Thanet Gun Range ?

Kent Police and especially Thanet Police are unfit for purpose QED

Even one Chief constable, Two Ch Supts, one bombing CID team, one supt, one DI, one Inspector and one change of inquest Coroner down the situation seems unimproved.

Institutional twatism

Anonymous said...

You're nicked!

Anonymous said...

Prick, fuck off!