Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sandy Beach Deemed Unfit For Purpose

Nope, not another story about dirty nappies strewn across Viking Bay (eeurgh!), but the result of my latest 7 day poll asking whether people would prefer to see the back or front of our glorious council leader. A whopping 63 people cast their votes, here's the final tally:

Question: Is our Sandy fit to be leader of Thanet Council?

No: 87% (55 votes)
Yes: 12% (8 votes)

An overwhelming majority in favour of putting the former pugilist and 'f*cking tosser' utterer out to pasture, then. I expect he'll hand in his resignation first thing Monday morning!


Anonymous said...

Lets hope so long as you don't present the poll in the form of a petition he will take notice of it!
And you won't get him!
Can't believe fellow tory councillors not rising to the challenge!

Anonymous said...

last comment should have read you won't get hit by him! not get him!

Rick said...

I like old Jerry Springer.

Watched him this morning on the weekend kitchen TV show.

It seems that in a future programme "Who Do You Think You Are" Jerry and his sister will be shown visiting the various deaths camps where their Jewish relatives died. (I think that may be 23 relatives in the holocaust)

Jerry's parents got out of Poland to ENGLAND (Please read that in an Al Murray mode) ENGLAND who saved their lives. Thet is pre Chakrabarti ENGLAND needing no lessons in human rights.

I just wonder if instead of the Standards Board for England inquiry about the Winter Gardens fracas, that the matter could have been examined on a Jerry Springer Show.

How lightly do you think Jerry would treat the reference to Holocaust Memorial as a "Jew Do"

Nethercourt said...

Irrespective of creed, I reckon he should pack it in due to the loss of 'face' caused by an evident inability to keep his cool under fire. The least we should be able to expect of our elected is dignity.

On the other hand, the longer he stays put, putting his foot in it the more likely it may become that even the locals will want a different coloured balloon to vote for!!!

Anonymous said...

could we now have a poll with this question

Do you think Sandy 'f***ing' tosser utterer will do the right thing and resign?

Anonymous said...

He has a lot of friends! When you can claim to be buddies with Thorley, Hilton, Godden and Wills, why on earth should you fear comments from the ordinary people of Thanet!

If your mates are the Thanet Mafiosa, then you can call who you like a ****er, and snatch petitions from everyone!

Remember the old music hall song "Dance Maurice (Sandy) Dance" the puppetmasters want something for their interest in your career!!

Anonymous said...

how on earth did 12 people vote for him ?.

The punch drunk pugilist is an embarassment to the entire island and should be dispatched to the nearest sand bank forth with.

It would have been the Goodwin Sands but now he has let the harbour mouth silt up it will be a bit closer than we thought

Anonymous said...

You and I may think he is an embarrassment, but the Tory party don't. That's why they keep voting him back in as leader. It's all very well to talk about getting rid of him but, surely, this is simply an exercise in democracy. If you elect pathetic wimps they will do whatever they're told to do. In essence its actually our fault for electing such low-qality councillors. It's not just the "F***ing t*sser" utterer who should go on Monday, but also those who voted to make him leader.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that no-one normal has time to stand for election and any normal person can't stand the nastiness and back stabbing that goes on.
I agree a clean sweep is needed, i think the original tirade by Sandy beach was over an ineffectual deputy mayor wasn't it? He was trying to defend a wimp?

Anonymous said...

Monday has been and nearly gone and no resignation yet - perhaps he thinks he's unassailable! We just need the proof ----

Anonymous said...

Apparantly the altercation between the dynamic duo and Iris was witnessed by local journalists!

You would think that this would make front page news, rather than a mention in Smudger!

However, it appears that the witnessing journalists were contacted by the great one, to make sure that accurate reporting occured! Ask Thom!

Anonymous said...

it's wednesday and i am still waiting for his resignation