Saturday, June 14, 2008

'Obeless Situation

Kuh! Snubbed by Her Madge yet again! I mean, Paul O'Grady, Des O'Connor? Anyhoo, as you can see from the banner at the top of my blog, I've now made the necessary adjustments to ensure I'm not overlooked in the new year.

As consolation I'll be taking myself off to Margate's Big-ish Event. Formerly known as the Kent Air Show until the organisers decided to give their own aerial display by pointing their nipples skywards and blasting off into the wide blue yonder last year, the marvellous derring-do of those magnificent men in their flying machines has since been replaced by a knackered old Sopwith Camel and a couple of bouncy castles. Still, at least it's free, and I should get to cop my annual butcher's at the completely and utterly splendid Battle of Britain Memorial Flight!

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Anonymous said...

There was vacancy notice this week (Jobcentre Plus) for "MBEs"

Apparently it is Mine Boring Engineers.

Interestingly the prospective employer is a large hydroponics enterprise developing in East Kent. Obviously seeking former Kent miners ?

The mining activity is in chalk and is to extend established caves and railway tunnels into bat farms.

Apparently the mathod is that over ripe or blemished product is fed to the fruit bat colonies living in the mined out cave complexes, And they (rather on the same eco friendly principle as composting) produce an essential ingredient for the hydroponics waterborne plant nutrients. Bat guano.

Michael may yet have reason to breathe a sign of relief. Tunnel access from the former seafront railway station areas (from Pleasurama to Neros).

A guano loading facility on Jimmy's car park. Refurbishment of the cliff lift for guano lifting to a transport loading area on the former Albion House site.

The enterprise will involve extensive mining into the Eastcliff.

Pink slip memo (don't tell public code pink at TDC) is being passed first to sandy and then each cllr passes it on after reading to the next down the pecking order until it reaches Cllr Iris Johnson and she gives it back to Chief Exec.

This is the TDC Vacancies for Batmen round robin memo.