Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cheeky Email

Broadstairs mosaicist Martin Cheek writes:

Hi - I enjoy your site and saw that you featured Ruth Cutler. I am a local artist too! You can check me out on my websites below. If you would like to feature me and my work or simply have a link to my websites then please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you. Warmest wishes Martin.

Consider yourself linked, Martin! Actually his work is pretty impressive, and if I had the folding spare I'd certainly snap up his Majolica Fish (pictured above). Unfortunately, though, Mrs Eastcliff (relation) (formerly Mrs Ceaucescu (no relation)) has spent it all on handbags!

Click here to visit Martin's website
Click here to visit Martin's other website

Update: Martin tells me he's recently been on The Weakest Link - and won! You can catch him on the episode due to be aired next Thursday 19 June.


Fatman said...


Is this really ECR or has it been hacked & highjacked by some benign blogentity?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes, sorry about this chaps but you had to find out sooner or later. I sold the blog to Councillor Moores for a tidy sum back in February. Or rather ECR sold it to me, if you catch my drift. He/I needed a site that was popular but not beseiged.

Tropical Robots said...

So you're not really a millionaire then Mr EastCliff. I think you should be banished from the millionaires playground.

On another note, could you do some investigating and confirm the rumour that the bar of the Kent International Hotel in Ramsgate is to become a JD Wetherspoon

Eastcliff Richard said...

If you pop over to our local biblio-bloke's blog you'll see he's discovered JD Whatsit's have applied for planning permission to convert the Kings Fellowship Church in King Street into an establishment for quaffing shenanigans. Perhaps that's where the rumour has come from.

You can see his post here

East Cliff Dick err I mean S Moores said...

I totally deny this is my blog.

Anonymous said...

According to today's leading free paper, permission to convert church into 'spoons in Ramsgate has been refused. Guess they'll go back to the drawing board now.

sister assumpta said...

Richard Eastcliff is a very evil man and I pray for his soul every night. The good lord has blessed us with wonderful councillors here on our beautiful island and I will personally be intervening with His Holiness and asking him to cannonise Mr Ezekiel and Mr Latchford at the earliest opportunity.

Anonymous said...

i found the link to this blog on a tiolet wall in minster, but i don't see any details about dogging

Anonymous said...

So settle down, stand me a drink and a tale to you I'll tell

Of Nazi Nick and Lexicon Pete and the Church of the Fires of Hell

How Nazi Nick and Lexicon Pete joined the church's congregation

And such was their luck, unable to f-ck, their love was conflagration

Insurance loss adjustors asked Reverend to tell

He said they deny the holocaust and I deny as well

Eastcliff Richard said...

That's what happens when you forget your olanzapine, presumably.