Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Rams Slam

I see today's Thanet Times has followed up my recent post about Ramsgate FC, confirming that there has indeed been a split with the youth teams. Apparently there have been 'differences of direction' rather than any upset over money as was reportedly rumoured, with Rams chair Richard Lawson quoted as 'considering legal action against the (unnamed) blogger' (i.e. me for reporting the rumours) and adding: 'Whoever this person is wants to be careful as what they said is libellous.'

'Is libellous' eh? Once again it would appear that complicated legal decisions on this funny little island are being made on the quaint basis of what one prominent citizen tells a local hack, rather than the outdated, old-fashioned method of due process of the law. Given the information in my possession, I might well be inclined to say that what the Thanet Times has printed about me 'is libellous'. In fact, I'm getting straight on the phone to my wolf pack of highly-trained media lawyers as soon as I've finished this sentence!

Click here to read Rams story in Thanet Times

Update: I see the excellent yourfannitinnit (available free in the corner of all your favourite local stores, usually behind the twelve boxes of Haribo etc.) has a much fuller account of this sorry saga today (Wednesday), including a suggestion that the move was connected to money, in part at least. Click here to read it.


Anonymous said...

That's the spirit Eastcliff - keep that scurrilous rag in its place!

Nick, Whits

Anonymous said...

im sick of there poor grammer!

Anonymous said...

I can almost view the scene in Madagascar when the lion says to the zebra "your not so good at putting the words together" Then promptly catches one in the nuts oohhh. Looks as if the local has caught one in the goolies - and with that, that's quiet enough of cricket!!


Anonymous said...

Ramsgate Fc have long rode on the back of the youth sections FA charter mark to ensure they received FA funding. Although contributing nothing to the independently run youth section, according to Richard Lawson (RFC chairman) the probation office uses offenders to fix Southwood, so the money they saved can be used to fund their 30 youth teams haha.

see link to probation office news