Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rough At The Top


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Now old Backbone Bill of Cliftonville

And his sidekick Sandy Zeke

Such was their luck they'd had no ruck

For nigh on half a week

Cept'n the Mayor who scribbled Jew Do

And Irish Iris hardly meek

Now Claim Jumpin Pete met Zeke in the street

As the petition papers flew

"To my Northdown spread it's best unsaid

I've a job for Bill and you"

Growled Zeke "You'll choke if you f-ckin joke

And it's a coach hold upping do"


Anonymous said...

brill poetry - only location you have left off is his get away spot - location somewhere down south?
who knows where?...........

Anonymous said...

Zimbabwe perhaps?

Anonymous said...

They wouldn't want him!!

Cllr. Mike Harrison said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They wouldn't want him!!

5:35 PM

nah, he's to violent!

Anonymous said...

I thought we were supposed to be protesting abotu China's appalling record on Human Rights. Wasn't everyone running around a few weeks ago condemning the decision to hold the Olympics there and protesting about the torch relay. But it's OK to trade with them? Just like it's OK to trade with Mugabe? Perhaps we'll have Harare Gateway next?

Anonymous said...

If only the local papers had the bottle to do a cartoon like that!

Anonymous said...

Yes Strike Lucky Jim You'd expected Him

To feature in our little rhyme ?

A trail blazing frown and plans for this town

Expecting Zeke's help for a dime

Bill and Zeke have a care or become a matched pair

In a terminal Guy Fawkes mime.

Chorus of the town song

The devil came to the island

for a lost soul barbecue

Jimmy stepped up smiling

and fair gave the devil his due

When it comes to hellfire boy you sin

But Jimmy's the best there's ever been

Singing Jimmy's down the garage with a can in hand

The skies will glow

the insurers know

but still they pay the man


Anonymous said...

Now young tiepin Thom not long from his mom

Gained a job in the local press

Soon he set much store his reports would draw

Approbation nothing less

Richard O Eastcliff a cunning ole wordsmiff

Masterclassed young Thom to duress


Anonymous said...

Human Rights Whiner moaned about China

Shoulda looked closer to home

Habeus Corpus a starter and then Magna Carta

New Labour enslaving like Rome

And 42 day a pretty long stay

Without charge for writing a poem

Harrison I know you will sulk unless you get a verse. Wait out.


Anonymous said...

Now Congressman Mike was full of dislike

For the violent Sandy Zeke

"Congress how's that intimidating pratt

Got to head the town ruling clique ?"

Then replied Mr Chair "Democracy's fair

But sometimes it gives us a freak.?

OK Cllr H I didn't leave you out.


Anonymous said...

What a shame that the ****er's last outburst against poor old Iris ( Where's wally to those of us in the know! ) was not properly reported in the press.

The outburst by ****er and his side kick wodger the dodger, was witnessed by two local journalists who did.... nothing!

Why, because they were contacted by ****er!

What a shame that Thom still calls himself a journalist! That is a disgrace to all the go getting hacks that have gone before him. I hope that he is ashamed of himself!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, our young Thom was summoned to the council chambers.

Only young Thom can expose what was said but don't hold your breath folks as he ain't saying nothing.

Someone in Thanet needs to go to the mattresses?

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Thom! thought would have made front page news at least!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11pm - Kindly note that Thanet Extra fully reported the fiasco despite being slightly leant on. The item appeared on TX's website the dsay after the event and the in the first available issue of the paper. If you don't like reading ITG, then try Thanet Extra instead. ECR will bear me out on that one as he linked to the TX site.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Before everyone starts having a go at young Thom, who is not here to defend himself (he only pops in to hoover up stories these days), please remember that he is only one link in a chain at the Gazunder and the buck stops with the editor. In fact it probably stops even further up than that, bearing in mind the paper is now owned by the Daily Mail.

Also, with the amount of TDC and KCC advertising carried by all our local papers, I would imagine advertising sales teams, who generally get paid on a commission basis, might get twitchy about negative coverage of their advertisers too. Add to that the rumours that certain senior Tory TDC members regularly 'lean' on the local editors, and I think you can see that Thom is only a small cog in a number of much larger wheels.

I can confirm, though, that Thanet Extra, did carry the petition story on its website so congratulations to Nick Evans. Especially as the KM group seems to be controlled by West Kent Tory toffs as far as I can make out!

Anonymous said...

Fairly put EC O'R

Why should a man (akin to Tiepin Thom) take the blame for failures to enforce law ?

In days gone by such things happened too on the wild frontier where Strike Lucky Jim and sandy Zeke held sway


Townsfolk set much store by the rule of law

Trusting their sheriff weren't for sale

Sheriff in his heart knew he'd played his part

Keeping civic leaders outa jail

He'd set law aside 'n slowly his soul died

In his dead-man-breathing's entrail.


Anonymous said...

perhaps you should take out an ad advertising your blog sites and then more of the local electorate would see what really goes on?
some of us have been promoting the blog sites -yours and Thanet strife so my mates can find out what really goes on in Thanet not the very limited censored and often incorrect (standards board and the mayoral ball) articles they read in the IOTG. Unfortunately the Extra doesnt get as wide delivery coverage as the Adscene and i know many (including yours truly) who has to rely on friends to pass on their copies.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Well Mrs Tara Plumbing used to advertise in the locals and mention her blog, I don't know how or if it worked for her.

I thought about advertising but I doubt if they take ads from fictional characters! It cuts both ways, though, as remaining anonymous has ensured that nobody has ever leant on me (apart from the vague threats made by the real Biggles during the Famous Fannit Blog Wars earlier this year) as they don't know who to lean on.

And when I say 'lean on', it doesn't necessarily have to be done in a threatening manner. It could be as simple as 'fancy coming out to lunch so we can explain a few things about our policies/company/planning application which you might have misunderstood?'

I prefer it that way, although it does mean I'm starving most of the time!

Anonymous said...

Our local papers are owned by DMGT. List of their subsiduaries here:

Anonymous said...

Sitting on town council well known Bully Bill

In court on oath they say he lied

Told the sheriff too, "Oh that can't be true"

Said the lawman dead inside

Sheriff's wife so sure her man upheld the law

On sandy faith she built her pride.


Prick said...

Everytime I see Rick now I just scan past it. Sorry, put this stuff on your own blog. I've read enough about you and that f*cking range in Birchingtn. zzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your comment.

But if you scan past what Rick writes then how would you know it is about a gun range at Birchington zzzzz

Does this make you an oxy moron ?