Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Please Take A Fence

Stone the crows! I see from the counteruppything on my sidebar that it's two years today since the local council erected 'temporary' fencing along our crumbling East Cliff here in Ramsgate. And far from being 'temporary', the darn thing appears to be growing like topsy!

Now the East Cliff Residents' Association have appended these tasteful signs to the council's ugly erection. Not usually known for their direct action, I hear the ERA are also preparing to storm the barricades and dive like human lemmings onto the deserted Pleasurama site below.

Speaking of which, it seems like only six months ago (because that's how long it is) that our glorious council leader Sandy 'Just Put Your Face In Mine' Beach was pontificating on the BBC about the new deal he'd signed with the Pleasurama developers. Since when... nada.

And it seems like nearly a year ago (because that's how long it is) that Sandy said on Thanet Life:

Let’s start with the issue of the cliff face. It’s the Council’s responsibility to maintain the coastline. Here we’re lucky enough to enjoy 26 miles of beautiful coastline and stunning beaches, but with that comes responsibility and this is one of those cases. The problems here were identified as part of our programme (of) coastal defence surveys and we will be carrying out work here in due course.

Since when... you guessed it.

Still, it's not all bad news. Apparently our Sand's also promised his Tory chums a resounding victory at the local elections on May 3!


Anonymous said...

The TDC website says

Work is set to start on (the Pleasurama) site in spring 2007, with a projected completion date of 2010 and during this time, repairs to the cliff face by the site will be also undertaken by Thanet Council.

tony flaig bignews said...

I like the new signs, perhaps if residents spent less time complaining they could see the positive side to this construction.

Why not use it as a focus of local activities, when ever you have some news or event stick up a notice.

How about an impromptu art gallery, maybe on sunday local artists could display their works and perhaps sell a few to the many millionaires such as yourself who jostle amongst the proles who flock to the east cliff.

At christmas and religious festivals this fence could be decorated in an appropriate fashion.

Come on think outside the er

Eastcliff Richard said...

Good idea Tony! Perhaps our local Carpet Shop Boy could flog a few remnants there too, should he have more time on his hands after May 3.

Cllr David Green said...

Yes Tony, Residents have tried all those things to make the best of the eyesore. Unfortunately TDC come along and remove anything fixed to the fence. The eyesore is two years old now. TDC has even had to replace some of the "temporary" panels as they have rusted away!
Its hard to be amused when this is just part of 4 wasted years by the current administration concerning rejeneration of the Ramsgate seafront. ( I know they've wasted just as long in Margate over the Turner fiasco, but that doesnt help)
Lack of progress with the huge Pleasurama Site, now four years since gaining planning approval, and still a derelict eyesore.
Failure to honour the promised consultation with residents concerning the modifications to the Pleasurama development plans as agreed by the Council. Lack of information leading to renewed concern regarding the height and landscaping of the building.
Public concern regarding secret changes to the plans agreed by the Tory Council that lower the floor of the development below sea-level, and the failure to consult the Environment Agency concerning the danger of future flooding.
Failure to respond to civil engineer’s report concerning the dangerous state of the cliff caused by water build up behind the concrete cliff facing. Ugly security fence now scaring the area for over two years.
Concerns regarding lack of any assessment of the stability of the cliff, known to contain many cracks and voids, should heavy building works take place below the cliff.
Worries generated by a failure to address the pressing problems concerning possible traffic access to the site during any major construction.
Lack of progress concerning the £1.5 M grant funding from the lottery designated for Ramsgate seafront. Agreed 3 years ago and yet to be delivered.
To top it all, they've allowed Ramsgate Main Sands to loose its blue flag and done nothing about it.

Eastcliff Richard said...

What I find curious is that if you look along the cliff face (towards the end that still has 'lift' and 'swimming pool' marked in my 2001 A-Z!) it's clearly been repaired before, and in the not too distant past. So why can't it be repaired now? Or has all the money been spent on propping up Margate?

tony flaig bignews said...

God Bless Margate !

Anonymous said...

Godden bless Margate more like.

derick97 said...

people can be so pessimistic!
build the complex,
let the cliff collapse on it and claim the insurance.
seems a perfect solution,
no more temporary fencing
no spoilt veiw
no need for a blue flag
and money to spend on margate to boot!

Anonymous said...

great idea!