Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rich's Rich List

With the publication of the Sunday Times Rich List today, I've had my own team of researchers (Mr Ceaucescu (no relation)) assess our local zillionaires. Here's the Thanet top ten:

1. Lord Richard of East Cliff - £950m (Media and universal adoration)
2. Sir Roger de Courcey - £900m (Old people and hand puppetry)
3. Jimmy Dreamland - £600m (Property and amusement parks)
4. Sir Thorley Tavern - £500m (Fags and booze)
5. Lord Sir Dr Moores of Westgate - £200m (Ads and droning on)
6. Robert Builder - £150m (Luxury apartments)
7. Sandy Beach - £80m (Carpets)
8. That Bloke From The Costcutter - £34m (Groceries and tourism)
9. Ronnie Corbett - £46 (Kiosk)
10. Sir Richard Branston - 38p (Begging on Victoria Parade)

Much the same as last year, with the exception of That Bloke From The Costcutter who's soared into the top ten following the success of his £1000+ cruises from London to Ramsgate.


Dane Valley Ted said...

You forgot Tony and Cherie Blah
And of course the money grabbing Turner Con-temporary leeches

tony flaig bignews said...

Just what sort of research went into this list,me and my Mr Puss Co-founder of Bignews Media, are not amused that we have some how been omitted from Thanets top ten.

Anonymous said...

So Mr Iceland (Fridge Magnet) drops off the top ten

Anonymous said...

How about Jane Whatsit-Doodah (writing and property) she must be worth a bob or two?

And any of the local estate agents.

Anonymous said...

That guy who runs the council