Saturday, April 28, 2007

Did The Earth Move For You?

Dozing in my Comfilux bed here at the old CTM this morning, I suddenly became aware of a violent shaking.

My initial thought was that I might be dreaming, but as the vibrations continued for more than several seconds, and the entire bed appeared to be wobbling, a small feeling of panic started to ensue.

My immediate thought was that our crumbling East Cliff had finally given up the ghost and toppled onto the Pleasurama site below. Or that a very heavy truck, possibly carrying wage packets for senior council officers, had rumbled past and shaken the building.

But no, it appears to have been an earthquake under the Channel a few miles from Dover.

1 comment:

Dane Valley Ted said...

I never felt a thing,mind you at my age the earth has not moved for ages.