Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Regular reader Claire writes:

Some friends of mine recently bought a penthouse flat in a refurbished building in Ramsgate. They paid a lot of money for it and keep going on about Ramsgate being the new black!

Well Claire, we've all heard about spring being the new summer, and porridge being the new soup (which was the new capuccino), but Ramsgate the new black! Just goes to prove that the place really is the new Millionaires' Playground. And that's confirmed by a recent report from

But what of the hotspots for the year ahead? Forget Kensington and Chelsea: Colchester, Ramsgate, Luton and Slough are the best places to watch your investment grow.

And that confirmation's confirmed by yet another reader, Alice, who's a wannabe DFL:

I have tried several times to buy a property in Augusta Road, but each time I've been gazumped!

It's a shame you've missed out, Alice, so by way of consolation here's a picture of Augusta Road for you:

Augusta Road: gazumpers' paradise


Gardfahl said...

There's another blog with someone buying a second house in Ramsgate too. I have to move soon but was thinking Broadstairs. Perhaps Ramsgate is the place to be!

Eastcliff Richard said...

It sure is, Gardfahl old bean! Forget Boredstares, nothing's happened there since Dickens came to stay.

ron councillor said...

You're exaggerating again ECR, that photo is months old. Since we took waste and recycling in house things have improved substantially. Go on, what are you afraid of, admit it.