Friday, April 13, 2007


Apologies for the lacuna but I've been consulting with my wolf pack of highly trained media lawyers following abusive comments about yours truly placed on the One Voice in Thanet blog. I am reprinting these comments here, as I have been advised by m'learned friends that by doing so I may well be able to sue myself, as well as the anonymous perpetrator, for a substantial sum. Here's the first:

ECR and One Voice share so many attributes. Their many and varied achievements in Thanet are there for all to see. Their rapier wit and immense courage in tackling the issues of the day is legendary. We, the people of Thanet should be forever grateful to these two paragons of all that this country now stands for. On a personal note, I just wonder how they are able to walk the streets of Thanet without the benefit of spines, unable as they are to identify themselves with their rather hysterical outbursts. Two FICTIONAL characters slagging off REAL PEOPLE. What a joke, ECR is a middle class patronising pratt, unloved by Mummy and Daddy who feel he has to explain things to the people of Thanet because we're too thick to understand current events. One Voice has yet to master chewing gum and walking at the same time.

Which was followed by a further example of shining wit:

Friday 13th April. Shock horror! ECR & One Voice are the same person. ECR sobbed on local radio this morning "Yes its true. One Voice and I are two halves of the same moron". "Its time to tell the truth at last. I CANNOT reveal my identity now because the Police are still scanning my hard drive and video collection. My credit card was stolen and used to download pictures from the internet. The pictures on my hard drive (as I have explained to the authorities) are simply resaerch for my book on the corruption of youth. The fact that between 3 and 4 pm most weekdays I'm outside wearing a large raincoat whatever the weather when I sit in the local park is (again as I have explained) mere coincidence. If a certain law gets passed I may have to move or no longer register myself as there are several people alredy who want to put me in a coma. Hope you my TRUE adoring public will understand this quite innocent set of unfortunate circomstances".

To put these comments in perspective, I had earlier commented on the same post that I found Simon Moores' Thanet Life blog 'nauseating'. These comments appear to be the Wildean riposte.

I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.


tony flaig bignews said...

Radio interviews? I must have slept during radio 4's today prog

derick97 said...

glad your back
if the SM's of this island can't take the heat
too bad
rock on richard

DrMoores said...

Excuse me.. are you suggesting that I'm in any way responsible for these comments??? should I feel inclined to make any reference to you or your weblog, I sign my name!!!

It simply looks as if you are trying to whip up traffic with a non-story!

Adem said...

I find all this highly amusing! Who cares about a blogger's identity?

You have an online identity in ECR and as such allow people to converse with you, as opposed to those commenters who remain 'anonymous' without even a profile, fictitious or not.

Anonymous said...

I think DM is done with kissing babies.


Anonymous said...

I see Thanet's favourite carbon emmission is comparing himself to Posh Spice over on Thanet Life. I think the weather may be getting to him. Nurse!

Eastcliff Richard said...

tony flaig bignews - not sure what the reference to a radio interview is all about, although I believe Michael Foot was on the Today programme this morning. How anyone could confuse me with him beggars belief.

derick97 - they can't get rid of me that easily!

drmoores - as I said, draw your own conclusions. The fact that you have endorsed these abusive comments on your own blog today demonstrates you support the person who has described me as a paedophile, and who would like to see me in a coma. Your exact words are: I have to admit that some of the comments I read - quite obviously from a TL supporter - were quite amusing. Amusing eh?

adem - quite.

anonymous - I agree and so am I. The gloves are off.

anonymous - fair enough - his blog's Size 0 too.

Anonymous said...

I see the Doc has got a new pic of himself at last. Personally, I think he should show less cleavage when he's in his saturday night outfits; and why such huge shades?

Justin Brown said...

I must confess that all this testosterone is getting me a little horny.
In the words of the late, great Paul Simon (and when I say late, I mean he never turns up on time for a date. Also, when I say great, I actually mean grate) "All lies and jest, when a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest."
And I might add "lie, lie, lie... lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie..." and so on.
I might also add that Bob Dylan's rendition of 'The Boxer' was quite a bit better, for what it's worth!
Any old road, how about we stop all this bickering and get together for a few beers this afternoon, on Simon and myselves' patch, and thrash this out once and for all.
Sunny day, beer festival in Church House, bloody good laugh about being wankers and taking all this blog stuff a bit too seriously and, who knows, maybe a bit of bum fun!
Pardon the pun but it sounds like a good crack to me!

Anonymous said...

I see Tory Boy is now desperately rowing back from on his blog from his previous position of endorsing bashing paedophiles into a coma which is probably wise as even the conservatives might wince a bit at him espousing that sort of policy.