Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ball Trouble

Good lord! According to the front page of yesterday's Isle of Thanet Gazunder, our glorious Tory council leader almost came to blows with the Labour Mayor of Margate at a black tie ball last weekend.

As the less than civil civic occasion was drawing to a close at Margate's Winter Gardens, the mayor is said to have approached our Sandy at the bar, only to be met by a tirade of abuse. The top Tory and former pugilist is alleged to have called the mayor a 'f*cking tosser', and said to another Labour councillor who attempted to intervene: 'Come on, just put your face in mine.'

In his defence, Sandy claims he was 'set up' and had snapped after enduring months of racist comments from the mayor.

Whatever the truth behind the story, we all know that the level of debate from the Conservatives here on Kent's Ramsgate Peninsula is sometimes less than parliamentarian. I myself have been called a 'left wing c*nt' and 'middle class pratt' by the blue rinsers, so personally I'd say the mayor got off lightly.
Sandy: 'F*cking tosser'


derick97 said...

the mans a disgrace, and should be removed from office.

ron councillor said...

If you believe everything you read in the papers. I was there if you want an eyewitness account.

Anonymous said...

If anyone had behaved like that on Biggles' Tory blog they would have been banned!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Pray tell, Mr Councillor.

ron councillor said...

On second thoughts perhaps it would be better if I waited until after May 3 to spill the beans.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Bit of a cop out I'd say, Mr Councillor.

Shinguard said...

What surprises me is the number of well known bloggers who have just not commented on the fracas, is our esteemed leader of TDC really that frightening? I'm sure the 40 years or so since he last laced up his boxing gloves have dampened his skills!....nevertheless, his reputation as Council Bully is now set in stone.

Anonymous said...

Good for Sandy. A marked (or unmarked) improvement on former tory Cllr George Richard Maison who allegedly squared up to 80 year old Tory Cllr Margaret Mortlock whilst Cllr Bill Hayton was on honour withdrawal.

However there appears to have been a sequel event for Margaret who was attacked on her doorstep later that year (1996) by a combat suited ski masked man. Margaret hit him with a jardinier. Man ran.

Question remains whether the later convicted killer of Ken Speakman ... Mr Swindells .. proffered a confession to the assault on Mrs Mortlock.

By Thanet tory standards this alleged Sandy incident would be very small fry.

Anonymous said...

Strange how when Tory Councillor Latchford had allegations of racism made against him, his friends in the Party all referred to "political correctness" and complained that the term "racist" is thrown about all too freely nowadays.

Now that their "Leader" Ezekiel is being accused of unacceptable behaviour, they all bleat that he has been on the receiving end of racist remarks from A N Other - and this has caused his outburst.

Funny that. Little bit of double standards I fear...again.