Friday, April 27, 2007

Air Con

I see that two men have been jailed at Canterbury Crown Court for stealing a jet engine from RAF London Kent Ramsgate Manston International Airport.

Rodney Matthews, 47, and Mark Cooper, 37, both from Tooting, were given 18 months and 30 months respectively. The thieves were caught on CCTV as they used heavy lifting gear to steal the engine from a locked compound.

Defence for Cooper described him as 'a simple man of fairly limited intelligence' who 'didn't realise he was stealing aircraft engines, he thought he was stealing air conditioning units'.

Just in case anyone is thinking of committing a copycat crime, here's an air conditioning unit:

And, um, here's a jet engine:

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derick97 said...

who on earth would put a jet engine a kid's bebdroom?

Anonymous said...

I work at Manston and I've just fitted an engine to a 747. At least, I think it was a jet engine. Er, now I come to think of it, looking at that picture... bloody hell, must dash.

Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of one of those knackered old jets coming into Manston? If so they're missing a bit. But aren't they always.

Anonymous said...

About as bright as Thanet Police prosecuting a man for allaged theft of timber from a stockist.

The stockist was informed one morning that Thanet Police had arrested a man for stealing a quantity of timber from his yard overnight.

The yard owner was maybe perplexed as he appeared to have none missing. If the pile of timber outside his front gate had been removed from his yard someone would have taken it and then replaced the stack of wood which was on top of it ... three hours work for two strong men.

The Judge at Court apparently got the gist of the Thanet Police case

"You are not entirely sure whether a theft occcurred but if it did it would have taken six man hours work of a powerful man. The accused is in his sixties and disabled and the prosecution case is that he had a ten minute window of opportunity to make an hypothetical opportunist theft"

Case dismissed. D Notice on Thanet Gazunder.

The case of the stolen lollipops ... Crown Court appearances costing the public purse an estimated £300,000

Judge ... "Why did the lollies not melt in the handbag where you claim they were concealed ?"

Case dismissed. D Notice on the Gazunder.

I am reliably told that Thanet solicitors tell after dinner stories about our local police .... no need for embellishment.