Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lamp Standards

Harking back to that lamp post yesterday, I'd just like to make it clear that it wasn't in any way meant to be a slur on the brave lads and lasses at Kent Highways, who do a difficult job, often under dangerous circumstances.

No, it was rather directed at the 'higher ups' who have clearly made a decision that Wellington Crescent deserves less than gold standards when it comes to the new lighting along there. The new posts are definitely not of the same quality, calibre or character as the ones they erected along Victoria Parade last year. They're not black (yet - but let's hope they paint them soon), and I counted at least four which were just the old lamps with new bits bunged on them.

Why? Search me, guv. Perhaps one of my frequent KCC readers would like to explain.


Justin Brown said...

Or, perhaps, your cartoonist chum, who's in charge of that kind of thing?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Maybe. But it's more likely to have been someone in Maidstone who decided that, with Wellington Crescent being 'at the edge of teh known world', they could get away with the B&Q option.

tony flaig bignews said...

You blighters up on that eastcliff are just take take take

Ask not what lamp posts your county can paint for you but what lamp posts you can paint for them.

I've got the bulk standard metal one outside flaig mansions, you lot with your airs and graces!

Move on!

Anonymous said...

He's only jealous they don't have lights in Margate.