Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thanet 'May Support Life' Say Boffins

By Isle of Thanet Gazunder Science Editor Tess Tube

Scientists have made an amazing discovery - a Thanet millions of miles from our own which may even support intelligent life!

Top university boffin Dr Terry Scope, 42, told the Gazunder: 'It's an ocean world consisting of land surrounded by seas not dissimilar to here. We're very excited.' But he added it would take many years to get to the new Thanet, even by bus.

And he warned that we may well find the people there very different: 'We may not recognise them at first. For example, they may stand upright with their knuckles well off the ground and look quite smart.'

Communicating with the new Thanetians may also pose a problem. 'They might pronounce their consonants and be unaware of traditional greetings we use here such as 'Ello yer old c*nt and Got any spliff?'

Dr Scope is 42.

1 comment:

Justin Brown said...

It's not too terribly quick getting around this Thanet by bus, to be honest.
Could we not end up there by mistake, without even realising it?