Thursday, March 01, 2007

Old News

I bumped into that geriatric reprobate Angina on the way back from the Netto last night.

He's fuming because, he says, he predicted that flights to Nowhere, Virginia would be a dead loss when they were announced last year, but can't log into his blog to crow about it at the moment, having had several of his fingers amputated up at the QEQM the other week.

When I got home I searched his blog, and blow me down if he wasn't spot on the money!

Flight of Fancy

14 July 2006

I see yet more of our hard earned dosh is going to subsidise flights from Manston to Norfolk, Virginia, the home of the US Navy. Quite why we'd all want to go there, heaven only knows. I drove past it once. If you like big, grey battleships it might float your boat, I suppose.

And of course, all those US Navy ratings are just dying to get on a plane and come and see our newly opened Tudor house in Margate.

Next time I pay my council tax, I think I'll just get it out in cash, and go and stuff it straight down the nearest drain. It'll cut out the middle man.


tony flaig bignews said...

Sorry to read about Angina's digits, he along with anyone with a bit of common, realised this was a loser, still once they've made up their mind they won't listen to sence

Anonymous said...

I’m sure that the QEQM will soon supply Angina with some of them prophetic fingers or is that prosthetic, best get the doctors advice

Eastcliff Richard said...

I've already bought him a pair of those fingerless mittens, which he found quite amusing, so I think he's perking up.

I'll pass on your best wishes.

Justin Brown said...

Will that make things more frustrating when he has an itch in his missing leg, or less?