Friday, March 02, 2007

West Cliff Story

So I thought I'd tootle along to the West Cliff to see what all the fuss was about (see previous post). Talk about timing! The day after the kind of exposure on primetime national TV that most PR people would cream their jocks over, the Grange is closed to visitors.

That got the old grey matter going. What else on Ramsgate's West Cliff could I do to while away the time? Ah yes, the Motor Museum.

Er, no. Not unless I'd brought my hard hat. This is what West Clilff Hall used to look like in its heyday:

Gallery IOTA, maybe? Nope, in a fine example of arts regeneration, that's had to make way for a kiddies playgroup.

Oh well, the pub it is then!

PS: Apologies to Vince Runacre for shamelessly purloining the idea behind his superb Old Ramsgate (then and now) blog. There's some terrific stuff there, so do pay him a visit.

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Vince R said...

Hi Mr.Richard, thanks for the plug! You're more than welcome to purloin the idea! Wow - I haven't seen that one of the motor museum before - West Cliff Hall.... those were the days! (so I'm told)