Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Offers Flooding In!

'Ow's about that then, guys and gals! Ooh, pardon me, I came over all Jimmy Savile there for a moment!

Anyway, news is that since my last post I've been inundated with offers. Well, two actually. The first is from a company called Airpic. They shove a bloody great pole up and take an aerial shot of your house for you. No messy flying involved!

Thing is, they feel a certain doctor has a bit of a monopoly here in Thanet at the moment, so they're keen to break into the market.

The second offer is from a company which is about to launch the George Formby Grill. They're dubbing it The Lean, Mean, Ukelele Playing Grilling Machine. Apparently you bung your bangers in, and it'll give you a chorus of When I'm Cleaning Windows while it's doing them to a turn. Should sell millions!


Anonymous said...

My son gave me one of those Formby things for chrismas. Put a juicy steak in for 8 miniutes comes out tasteing like a dry tea towel.


Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes but at least in that time you would have learnt all the lyrics to My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock!

Anonymous said...

Better the Breville you know.