Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bog Rolls

Our glorious council leader Sandy Beach wants us to become a 'cafe culture' here on Kent's Ramsgate Peninsula, which is presumably why the public dunnies opposite the Waitrose car park have been converted into a sandwich bar.

I popped in earlier and had a nice chat with the new Italian owner, who's relocated from Canterbury to the Millionaires' Playground. He seemed rather tired of people commenting that his establishment used to be a khazi, and making all those awful jokes about 'bog standard food', 'cottage cheese', 'floaters', 'pain au chocolate' and serving sandwiches 'at your convenience'. I, of course, would never sink to such depths.

I had a jolly good Fairtrade latte for £1.40. The place is called, er, Fillers. Not far from Pooland, the former snooker hall. Oh gawd luvvaduck.


Justin Brown said...

Having been there myself (no pun intended) and having tried their pan fried blind salmon in pancakes (pun intended), I would say that their food is anything but bog standard.
But you're right about the guy being touchy about the place's history. While I was there, I had the misfortune to sneeze and was warned "One more and you're out!"

Anonymous said...

I've tried it too and it's well worth spending a penny (or 300) in there I'd say!