Monday, March 26, 2007

Avast Behind Me Hearties!

Cripes! I see our 12 star Royal Harbour Hotel is now offering cruises to Ramsgate from London aboard a luxury speed boat.

With a top whack of 30 knots, you'll be whisked from St Katherine's Dock to the Millionaires' Playground in five hours, taking in all the sites along the way including the WW2 forts off Whitstable, the fart farm off Birchington and the seal colony off Margate.

After a night at the hotel, you'll be chauffeur driven back to London. All this can be yours for £1040 for two people, £1460 for four, or £1830 for six.

A snip, really, and I'm sure Elton and I will be taking full advantage of the service once the summer's here!


adem said...

I can get a trip over to France for a fiver!!

Justin Brown said...

Where the food is better and cheaper and it's quite a bit less crowded.
I've heard that you can get cheap fags there too, so surely worth half a Pavarotti for that alone!

Anonymous said...

The bottom half in your case presumably Justin.