Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

There's no show tonight, so I thought I'd toddle back down to the old cliff top mansion. What a beautiful sunny day!

I must say, Ramsgate looks splendid in this light. And the Ile de Thanet must be very popular with tourists at this time of year, because when I stopped at the M2 services, and perused the pod containing all the Kent tourism leaflets, the 'Thanet Is Beautiful' slot was the only one that was empty!


Justin Brown said...

Empty slots need filling. Is it right to always look to someone else to do it?
Personally, I find that kind of thing to be enormous fun!

Anonymous said...

We should be promoting the island as a place where people like Justin can settle. We've got the grey pound, the pink pound would do just as nicely Brighton's done well out of it.