Sunday, December 31, 2006

Crappy New Pier

What with having to pull off my Twankey twice a day here at the Neasden Hippodrome, I'm afraid I'm having to rely on my housekeeper posting me the Gazunder to keep up with events on the Ile.

I see from Friday's front page that plans are afoot to transform Margate's harbour arm by building a cafe on the end, and holding a fish market once a month. Artists' studios are also to be built.

It's a little-known fact that many a great artist has been inspired by a heady mix of bacon butties, rotting seaweed and skate trimmings, and it is surely just a matter of time before Margate has a thriving community of Bohemian daubers to rival the likes of Montmartre.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

The harbour arm is actually Margate Pier. The jetty was the thing blown down in 1978.

Happy New Year Richard

The Angina Monologues said...

Maybe that's why he headlined the post 'Crappy New Pier'. Do keep up.

Anonymous said...

Look at least SOMETHING is being done,why should'nt we try to regenerate the jetty.i love going to look at the sunsets down there they are breathtakingly beautiful and the cafes that are on the piazza ie harbour cafe,cafe g are all doing really well.we had a fabulous jazz festival week down there last year(the whole place was packed with people}and carnival day was the same hundreds of people spending money enjoying themselves its beginning to improve so lets not knock it!

Anonymous said...

But what makes TDC think that a caff on the end of the pier is a good idea? Surely, as you have already pointed out, there are a number of good cafes already, it'll only take business off them? And a fish market once a month? Is that the best they can do?

What Margate needs is a raison d'etre. It was only ever a seaside resort. That's gone, what's going to replace it? The Turner Centre? Maybe, but by the time they build it Margate will have died on its derriere.

The Sea Bathing Hospital looks nice, though.

Anonymous said...

Well there's a surprise, what shall we build? a Cafe? A gallery? Something burns dow, lets put an art gallery on it. No-one visiting the town? Put some art galleries in to some cafes... Do they pay people to make these suggestions?